IGN: The success of “The End of Beauty” has witnessed the growth of naughty dogs

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Today (March 2), foreign media IGN published an article about the “Last Survivor” reality show and the naughty dog studio. They believed that the success of the play version of “The Last Survivor” reflected the 15-year growth process of the naughty dog.
IGN said that the popularity of the play version of “The Last Survivor” seemed to bring time back to the summer of 2013. Players around the world were attracted by this IP. But this time, the difference is that this reality show has won wide recognition from both players and non-player groups.
The game of naughty dog was finally perfectly moved onto the screen, in sharp contrast with the film adapted from another IP “Mysterious Sea”. It is not difficult to see from the media rating (45 points for the film “Mysterious Sea” and 84 points for the film “The Last Survivor”) and the public praise of the two works that the naughty dog has honed the ability of “telling a good story” through 15 years of growth and has become more mature. The best witness is that Neil and Craig Mazin, the chief creators of “The Last Survivor”, can be loyal to the original game.