In addition to Tianshan Tianchi, there is another place worth visiting around Urumqi, Xinjiang. There are few quiet tourists

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Mango Travel Diary: Xinjiang has a vast territory, accounting for one sixth of China’s total area. The scenery is beautiful, including almost all types of landscapes in China, including grasslands, deserts, forests, canyons, rivers, lakes, snowy mountains, Gobi, and so on. Therefore, more and more tourists visit Xinjiang.
The first stop for most tourists to Xinjiang is Urumqi, because it is the capital of Xinjiang, where almost all domestic trains and planes entering Xinjiang transfer. So where can I play if I only transfer in Urumqi for a day or two? In the urban area, you can go to Xinjiang Museum, Grand Bazaar and Hongshan Park. Most tourists outside the city will choose to go to Tianshan Tianchi. Although Tianchi is located in Fukang City, Changji Prefecture, it is less than 100 kilometers away from Urumqi, and it can travel back and forth on the same day. There are direct buses in the urban area, and travel agencies also have one-day tours, which is very convenient.
In addition to Tianshan Tianchi, what other places around Urumqi are worth visiting? Nanshan Pasture is recommended here, about 80 kilometers from Urumqi. In the Qing Dynasty, it has become a famous pasture. Ji Xiaolan once wrote a poem: “The pasture is full of grass and green, and has raised 100000 hooves of monkeys”.
Nanshan Pasture is located in the southern part of Urumqi, in the vast mountains of the North Tianshan Mountains, with an altitude of 2252 meters, an area of 119 square kilometers, and more than ten large and small valleys. There are forests, grasslands, waterfalls and canyons, which are both excellent natural pastures and summer resort and convalescence resort. Famous scenic spots include Gangou Chrysanthemum Observatory, Observatory, East and West Baiyanggou, Shuixigou Zhaobi Mountain, Miaoer Valley, etc.
The picture shows the Chrysanthemum Terrace. The mango leaves in July, which is really amazing. After crossing the long forest road and reaching the foot of the mountain, I still felt that the scenery was just like this. Slowly climbed to the top of the mountain, and suddenly there was a bright light. The mountains were covered with golden wild chrysanthemums and unknown purple flowers. The sky was high and the clouds were low and within reach. It seemed as if you had entered a paradise by mistake.
Sitting in the pavilion and standing in the sea of flowers, I can smell the faint fragrance. The mountains in the distance are stacked, and the grassland and forest alternate. There is a feeling that I can fly freely in the vast sky.
After coming down from the Chrysanthemum Observatory, turn a few corners, circle up the mountain and come to the observatory. The green grassland is full of colorful flowers, and the white observatory features prominently under the blue sky. Occasionally, I saw herdsmen riding past, and there were white yurts under them. In front of the house, herdsmen were baking Mutton shashlik. This should be the most beautiful observatory.
From the observatory to Baiyanggou, I passed through the sky grassland of Wulastai on the road. The road passed through the grassland, and the view was very broad. It reminded me of the scene when I walked along the Qinghai-Tibet Highway. From the sky grassland of Ulas Stage, you can hover down the mountain. On the way, you can also climb the mountain. There are not many tourists, most of them are local tourists, the size of a family, singing and dancing on horseback.
At the foot of the mountain, at the end of the valley is Baiyanggou Village, a quiet and beautiful Kazak village at the foot of Tianshan Mountain. The smoke curls under the sunset, the eagle spreads its wings in the sky, and the Baiyanggou River flows quietly in the middle. If you have time, you can stay for one night, climb to the top of the mountain to see the panoramic view of the village at sunset. White yurts are scattered among the grassland and forests, and curls of cooking smoke rise. The picturesque scenery is intoxicating.
PS: The Nanshan Pasture Pass is 45 yuan (excluding the shuttle bus), including Baiyanggou Village, Chrysanthemum Observatory, Observatory, and Wulastai Sky Grassland. There are shuttle buses to Nanshan Ranch in Urumqi, but the Ranch is very large. Baiyanggou Village, Chrysanthemum Observatory and Observatory are very far apart. If you take the shuttle bus, you can only go to one of these places, so it is still recommended to drive by yourself or charter a car or report for a one-day tour, so you can go to several scenic spots in one day.