Interview with “Biochemical Crisis 4 Reprint”: More than just the picture upgrade

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Thanks for the invitation of CAPCOM, let’s interview the producer Mr. Hirabayashi Yoshiaki and the project director Mr. Ampo Yasuhiro on the eve of the release of “Biochemical Crisis 4 Reproducing”. In the interview, we asked about the differences between the reprint and the original, and learned more details about the reprint.
Hirabayashi Yoshiaki, producer of “Biochemical Crisis 4 Reproducing”
Ampo Yasuhiro, project director of Biochemical Crisis 4 Reproducing
The following are the specific contents of the interview:
Q: The horror level of Biochemical Crisis 4 has always been a controversial topic. From the video, we can see that reprinting intentionally reduces the visual range of players and displays many gloomy and narrow environments to deepen the horror impression of the game. In addition, are there any other ways to enhance the horror sense in the game?
A: First of all, we don’t want to highlight a very frightening atmosphere in all scenes. In the original work of Biochemical Crisis 4, each scene has its own unique theme. It is possible that in the video released this time, the scenes that look more frightening account for the majority, but for the other scenes that are not shown, we have not changed their scene style, but have comprehensively upgraded the scenes in the original work.
In addition, we do not deliberately make the scene very dark or very narrow to create a claustrophobic fear. In terms of creating a sense of terror, we choose to enrich the details of the scene. When players see some leftovers in the scene, they will automatically associate with the terrorist events that have occurred here, achieving an effect that makes players think deeply.
Now the technology of developing games is more mature than the hardware at that time. We hope that some elements can be more expressive in reprinting, such as scenes, monsters, ambient sound, etc.
Q: In the video, we see some scenes at night. So, is the reprinting added to the day and night replacement system, or does the fixed scene correspond to the fixed time?
A: Like the original, the time in the game will not pass with the passage of real time, and each plot is a fixed time period.
Q: Collecting hidden elements in Biochemical Crisis 4 is a very interesting way to play, but the explorable areas of the original work may be slightly insufficient today. Will there be more explorable areas and collection elements in the reprinting?
A: Compared with the original work, although it may not be too much, there are still more areas to explore. In addition, some hidden elements in the original work, such as spinel, will also appear in the reprint, and the number of treasures that can be collected in the reprint will also increase.
Q: Now players can give Ashley the command of “follow” or “stay away” to prevent Ashley from being injured by mistake in the fight. After giving the command of stay away, how far will Ashley keep from Lyon?
A: When the player gives the “follow” command to Ashley, Ashley will closely follow Leon, and when the player gives the “stay away” command, Ashley will find a safe place away from the player, but it will not be too far away.
Q: So will Ashley avoid the enemy’s search by himself when executing the command to stay away? After all, it is difficult for players to get away from her immediately when fighting.
A: When Ashley is alone, he can slightly avoid some attacks from the enemy. However, when the enemy’s attack is fierce, Ashley will still be injured or captured by the enemy. At this time, the player must hurry to rescue her, or the game will end. In other words, Ashley in reprinting is more intelligent, but still needs some attention from players.
Q: The Praka parasite is a very difficult enemy, and also a landmark monster in Biochemical 4. Is there any new type of Praka added to the reprint? If the player doesn’t want to deal with this monster, can he still use the combat skill of not letting it show its parasitic body?
A: This kind of question about the detailed settings in the game is inconvenient for us to answer, because “Biochemical Crisis 4RE” is a terror survival game. We hope that players can get more surprises when playing the game, so we do not want to disclose the content about the game plot and settings in advance.
Q: Compared with the original version of Biochemical Crisis 4, will reprinting provide more guns and bullets for players?
A: Compared with the original version, there will be several additional special guns in the reprint (no spoilers, I hope players can explore and find them in the game at that time). As for bullets, an important prop “powder powder” has been added to the reprint. Players can use powder powder powder to make bullets of their desired type.
Q: In the video, we saw a combat mechanism similar to “bounce back”. Leon made a block action when he was about to be attacked by melee attack and quickly pulled out a dagger to fight back. Is this an independent bounce back mechanism? Or is it just a QTE that requires quick response from players?
A: The function of the knife has been expanded in the reprinting process. For example, you can use the dagger to repair the knife when the enemy falls down, or stab the enemy in the back when the enemy is in stealth. Similarly, the dagger block is also one of the functions of the knife. In the battle, the player sees the opportunity and presses the block key when he is about to be attacked to successfully block the attack.
In our view, QTE refers to the button prompt that suddenly appears in the cut-through animation and requires the player to respond quickly. The dagger block in the game belongs to a special combat mechanism. Players can play it at any time in the fight, not the QTE that only appears in specific scenes.
Q: During the hand-to-hand combat with Klausa, Lyon showed more diversified body movements than the original version. Did the re-printing enrich Lyon’s body technique system?
A: Some special body movements seen by players in the Klausa battle are exclusive actions in this battle, and these actions are not applied in other parts of the game.
Q: Will a driveable vehicle be added to the reprint? If so, can these vehicles only drive on fixed road sections, or can they drive freely in the whole scene?
A: We have retained some interesting settings in the original, but it is not convenient to say them in particular now.
Q: Finally, what do you want to say to the players who are looking forward to the release of this book?
A: We have been waiting for a long time! On March 24, the game will be officially released. In response to your expectations, we have been trying to make the game better. In addition, we will release the special experience version of Biochemical Crisis 4 Reproducing in the near future. We hope that after the release of the experience version, you can play the experience version while looking forward to the release of the official version.
Biochemical Crisis 4 is a highly popular game work. As staff, we also hope that reprinting can be recognized by everyone, and every player can have enough fun in the game.