It’s useless! CMA questioned the role of switch on Microsoft’s Call of Mission

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Microsoft previously announced that it had signed a ten-year agreement with Nintendo, promising to bring the Call of Mission game to switch and subsequent Nintendo’s new game consoles, which attracted the attention of many players. The focus of players was not on cooperation between the two sides, but on whether switch could run the Call of Mission. Although the president of Microsoft has repeatedly explained that it will provide the Call of Mission with complete content and high technical standards, and promised to release the new product simultaneously, the players still do not believe it, even professional institutions do not believe it now.
According to the survey results of the CMA of the UK Competition and Market Authority, Microsoft’s commitment to Nintendo’s acquisition of the Call of Duty game may have the opposite effect. The report said: “We also see evidence that the large shooting game on Nintendo’s console is not performing well due to technical differences”.
CMA said that it would need to invest a lot of money or use cloud game technology to compromise to transplant Call of Mission to Switch, but cloud game is another issue that has been widely concerned by CMA. CMA previously said that if Microsoft was allowed to acquire Activision Blizzard, it might lead to Xbox’s monopoly in the cloud game field.
In addition, the CMA report also explained the difference between cloud games and console games, and added: “The ability of Switch to connect with third-party cloud game service providers will not make it a strong competitor to Xbox and PlayStation.”
The agreement reached with Nintendo will only be fulfilled on the premise of Microsoft’s successful acquisition of Activision Blizzard, but by the time the transaction is completed, Nintendo may have launched a new game console.