Jilin Dunhua: polish the whole tourism brand of “Xiaode Chuanliu and Dade Dunhua”

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Recently, the national online media interview activity of “Grateful and Striving for 70 Years, Chasing the Dream and Moving Forward New Yanbian”, sponsored by the Dunhua Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Dunhua Municipal Government, came into Dunhua, inviting media workers to experience the rich Korean folk customs, and further polishing the global tourism brand of “Xiaode Chuanliu, Dade Dunhua”.
Since Dunhua City, Jilin Province, was awarded the first batch of national tourism demonstration zones in September 2019, Dunhua has seized the opportunity to launch a second entrepreneurship of regional tourism, and implemented the project of “micro transformation and fine upgrading” around regional scenic spots, industrial integration, marketing intelligence, regulatory normalization, and service humanization. In the past few years, relying on rich cultural and tourism resources, innovation-driven and integrated development, Dunhua’s regional tourism has achieved a new leap.
Although the hills are small and famous, rural tourism is full of charm
The distant mountains are green pines and cypresses, the waters are rippling, the villages are clean, the courtyards are neat, and the small mountain village of Yanming Lake Town, Dunhua City, with gray tiles and white walls, is like a water town in the south of the Yangtze River against the lake. Tourists can enjoy delicious food, beautiful scenery and local local customs here.
“In the past, Xiaoshan Village was the most backward village in Yanming Lake Town. Now, relying on the advantages of natural resources, we have made a breakthrough and become a national model village for rural revitalization.” Shi Xueliang, secretary of the village party branch, said proudly.
According to Shi Xueliang, in 2022, after the village collective became a shareholder in Dunhua Xiaoshan Zhongyou Crop Planting Professional Cooperative, the development model of “Party Branch+Cooperative+Farmers” has gradually formed, effectively giving play to the leading and leading role of the Party Branch, promoting the integrated development of rural primary, secondary and tertiary industries, promoting the development of tourism, driving the increase of farmers’ income, and realizing the transformation of rural areas into parks, rural houses into rooms, and products into gifts.
In recent years, Dunhua has taken the construction of beautiful villages as an important support for the development of regional tourism, accelerated the construction of a number of characteristic tourism villages and towns such as Yanming Lake Town and Dabuchaihe Town, actively cultivated a number of characteristic tourism villages such as Xiaoshan Village and Laobaishan Snow Village, and focused on promoting the construction of tourism facilities such as tourist attractions, Gaoduan People’s Accommodation, and boutique farmhouses.
Improve basic and fine services to make tourists feel at home
Dunhua starts with details, warm and friendly service and meticulous care make tourists from afar praise.
Although the toilet is small, it takes a lot of effort. Walking into the tourist toilet located in Liuding Mountain Cultural Tourism Area, the reporter saw that the toilet decoration was different according to the different styles of the park, integrating Manchu knife painting Paper Cuttings, forest bark painting and other elements. There are complete service facilities for special groups such as mothers and infants, disabled people, etc. in the toilet.
There is a mechanism, a plan, a standard, a guarantee, a division of labor, a management, a culture, and an extension. In recent years, Dunhua has established the “eight haves” working system of the tourism toilet revolution, and established a nationwide tourism toilet opening alliance to open toilets free of charge to citizens and tourists. According to the data, since November 2018, Dunhua has invested 30 million yuan in the construction, reconstruction and expansion of 100 standardized tourist toilets.
“I found that the public toilets here are equipped with toilet paper, which makes me feel very comfortable.” Ms. Zhao, the first tourist to Dunhua, sighed. In order to do a good job in tourism services, Dunhua aims to build a livable, business-friendly and tourism-friendly city, implement fine services, and establish the brand of “Little Dechuan Stream, Big Dechuan”. The Dunbai-High-speed railway was successfully opened to traffic, the civil branch airport was fully started, the construction of the urban bypass line was started, the landscape corridor was connected to the city’s tourist attractions above 3A level, and the “fast forward and slow travel” system was gradually established; Build a food and beverage street with Korean characteristics as the main food, and introduce ginseng, deer antler, pancake and other tourism companion gifts. The tourism brand image of “Xiaode Chuanliu, Dade Dunhua” is increasingly prominent.
Innovation-driven, integrated development and industrial upgrading have achieved remarkable results
In 2021, Dunhua will receive about 4 million tourists, with a year-on-year increase of 95.12%; The comprehensive tourism income was 5 billion yuan, up 95.08% year on year. Behind this group of data is Dunhua’s determination and efforts to polish the golden signboards of the first batch of national tourism demonstration areas.
We should pay great attention to the construction of system and mechanism, promote the implementation of cultural and tourism policies, accelerate the integration of agricultural and tourism industries, and make every effort to break the bottleneck that restricts the development of tourism in the whole region. The development of industrial integration should go deeper and deeper. Tourism has gradually developed from a small industry to a pillar industry, and entered the main battlefield of economic development from the edge.
Zhongcheng Village, a folk village with strong Korean customs, the Bohai Sea Tourism Culture Night Economic Cluster integrating catering, entertainment and shopping, and high-quality cultural and tourism projects such as Global Outlets integrating catering, sightseeing, tourism and entertainment have emerged in succession.
Zhang Kechao, deputy director of Dunhua Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau, introduced: “In the vivid practice of developing global tourism, Dunhua has innovated the system and mechanism, innovated and integrated development, and innovatively put forward a multi-base development model in one area. By connecting points, building a network with lines, and forming a new pattern of global co-construction within Dunhua. In the future, Dunhua will closely focus on the four seasons of spring flowers, summer summer, autumn leaves, and winter snow, do fine red tourism, do a good job in rural tourism, strengthen ice and snow tourism, and promote Global tourism is moving to a higher level. “