Jilin ice and snow new opportunity “cat winter” is also a rich farmer

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“Ice and snow are also golden mountains and silver mountains”. With the development of ice and snow tourism in Jilin, the villages once hidden in the mountains have also become hot tourist “punch points”. “Leisure in winter” has become “busy in winter”. After a heavy snow, all villages in Jilin have hung red lanterns to heat their own kang, seize the new opportunities of ice and snow, open the new “cat winter” season, and welcome the arrival of tourists.
Ice and snow lead to the road to prosperity in small villages
Nangou Village in winter is beautiful and lively. Nangou Village became rich because of the snow.
Nangou Village is located in the southeast of Beidahu Town, Yongji County, Jilin City. Beidahu Ski Resort is located in Nangou Village. As a representative of rural tourism based on snow resorts, Nangou Village attracts many “snow friends” every winter.
The advantaged resources have brought the confidence of “snow for silver” to this quiet village. Nangou Village is based on the actual situation, deeply excavates the ice and snow economy, and strives to build Nangou Village into an economic growth pole that drives the development of the ice and snow industry in Yongji. Nangou Village and the villages along the line form a scenic tourism belt with Songhua Lake and Beida Lake, which has become a characteristic scenic spot on the tourism line of Beida Lake ski resort.
In recent years, Nangou Village has made great efforts to develop such ice and snow supporting services as home accommodation, leisure and entertainment, and catering. At present, there are 108 homestays in the village, which can receive about 1400 tourists at the same time, with an annual income of more than 15 million yuan, and more than 200 farmers are employed.
Zhang Zengfa, secretary of the Party branch of Nangou Village, said: “With more and more experience in developing the tourism industry in recent years, the service has become better and better, attracting a large number of overflow tourists from the North Lake ski resort. In the winter ski peak season, Nangou Village’s homestays often appear to be hard to find.”
Nangou Village has also set up a snow friend’s home. While providing catering and accommodation services for tourists, it also provides snow friends with services such as keeping ski equipment, equipment, ticket purchase, contacting ski schools and ski coaches, so that snow friends can enjoy the fun of skiing, and also feel the characteristics of folk customs and hospitality of people in the Northeast.
Bai Xuesheng Jinlao Forest Farm injects “new kinetic energy”
In winter, the Laobaishan Mountains are surrounded by rime of ice crystals, which is breathtaking. Looking around, we can see the boundless snow world, with thousands of miles of ice and thousands of miles of snow.
Laobai Mountain Snow Village is located in the original ecological forest experience area of Laobai Mountain in Dunhua, Jilin Province. In winter, when you enter the snow village under the Laobai Mountain, the unique wooden houses and homestays are particularly beautiful against the white snow. A string of large red lanterns are hung on both sides of the houses and roads, setting off a strong local voice and feeling.
After the commercial logging of natural forests was completely stopped in 2015, Changbai Mountain Forest Industry Group Huangnihe Forestry Co., Ltd. actively developed the original eco-tourism economy of Laobai Mountain in combination with the advantages of local resources to drive the comprehensive transformation of the company. Relying on the superior ice and snow resources, rich tourism resources and profound cultural connotation of the original ecological forest experience area of Laobai Mountain, the construction project of “Laobai Mountain Snow Village” was launched to create a new highlight of winter diversified ice and snow tourism in the snow village. Through a series of activities such as the launching ceremony of the tourism festival, the ice and snow health run, the literary and artistic performance, the opening ceremony of the wooden band, the Northeast folk customs activities, and the ice and snow entertainment competition, the brand of “the most beautiful ice and snow folk tourism destination” in the snow village will be sung and made beautiful, and a high-quality ice and snow cultural tourism feast will be offered for tourists, so as to comprehensively improve the popularity and reputation of the ice and snow tourism in the old white mountain snow village.
Today, Tuanbei Forest Farm has become a snowy village in Laobaishan, where everyone enjoys the dividends brought by “ice and snow”. The staff and the masses have become self-employed, and everyone has become an operator. Laobaishan sister-in-law is one of them.
My sister-in-law, whose real name is Sui Yuelan, went out of the mountains after the commercial logging was completely stopped. But my sister-in-law has a love for the place that is hard to give up. After the company transformed and developed tourism projects, she looked at the thriving ice and snow tourism industry in her hometown, Laobaishan Snow Village, and conceived the idea of starting a business and becoming rich. Now, she runs a homestay inn in the snow village. The snowy village of Laobaishan is getting more and more popular, and the sister-in-law’s homestay receives more and more guests. Sui Yuelan said, “Since the development of the ice and snow tourism project in Laobaishan Snow Village, my husband and I have managed outdoor post stations together, and we can earn more than 100000 yuan a year.”
In 2021, Laobaishan Snow Village will receive more than 100000 tourists annually, driving the relevant industrial chain income of 10 million yuan.
The strong flavor of the century-old village in Xuexiang
The mud wall of the wooden house reflects the snow. Jinjiang Wooden House Village, Manjiang Town, Fusong County, Jilin Province, is known as “the last wooden house village in Changbai Mountain”. Here is still the same as it was a hundred years ago, with wooden tiles, wooden chimneys and thick northeast flavor.
“Wang Wang -“, the net red rhubarb dog at the door greets every visitor with its bark. When the snow falls, the village is covered with snow, like a beautiful ink painting. The red lanterns are hung high in the village, the festive and exquisite window flowers are pasted on the wooden house windows, and the fragrance of farm food is permeated in the kitchen… Every Spring Festival, a different Spring Festival trip in Jinjiang wooden house village becomes a new choice for tourists. Here, you can not only bake Dongbei pancakes, taste the mellow soybean milk made by villagers’ own soybeans, but also watch folk performances such as forest songs.
“I have always wanted to come to Jilin ‘Cat Winter’ to experience the folk activities in the Northeast, so I went to Jinjiang Wooden House Village with my family for vacation. Once I got off the car, the memory of the New Year came out immediately,” said Huang Ming, a tourist. During the period from January 31 to February 9, 2022, Jinjiang Wooden House Village received more than 1800 tourists with an income of more than 40000 yuan.
In recent years, Jinjiang Wooden House Village has closely focused on the theme of “the last wooden house village in China”, deeply explored the Guandong culture with the regional characteristics of Changbai Mountain, such as wooden culture, anti-Japanese culture, Shaman culture, and explored a rural revitalization path of “culture+tourism”, and created a famous ice and snow tourism village with northeast characteristics.
The picture of the Spring Festival with a strong flavor of the year was recorded on the spot in the CCTV “Happy Year of China” column; The large-scale documentary “Northeast Anti-Japanese Federation” and other film and television programs have been shot here; The media published “Three hundred years of wood carving in Changbai Linhai Wooden House Village (winter love song)”, letting more people know the profound history of Jinjiang Wooden House Village and the folk culture with northeast characteristics.
The white snow, the hot farmhouse dishes, the hot Guandong sentiment… Songling Snow Village, Hantun Village, Erhe Snow Village… the “Snow House” in the deep mountains is known by more and more people. Now, Snow White has become a resounding brand in Jilin rural winter development, bringing tangible benefits to the villagers.