Jilin: Mid-Autumn Festival local tourism and peripheral tourism become the mainstream

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During the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2022, all parts of Jilin Province conscientiously implemented the decisions and arrangements of the provincial party committee and provincial government, coordinated the epidemic prevention and control and cultural and tourism consumption, and adjusted the epidemic prevention measures in a timely and flexible manner according to the changes of the epidemic situation, so that the cultural and tourism market in Jilin Province rapidly warmed up.
Jin Zhenlin, deputy director of Jilin Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, said: “This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, the tourism market is still in a difficult recovery period under the influence of the epidemic, and the main tourism mode and form presented is local tourism under the micro-circulation system composed of county and city.”
It is reported that during the Mid-Autumn Festival, Jilin’s cultural and tourism market mainly presents three characteristics: first, urban leisure space and suburban tourism have become the first choice for citizens to travel. The tourist reception and business income of Jingyuetan National Forest Park, North Lake National Wetland Park, North Great Lake Resort and other scenic spots have achieved positive growth. Second, camping has become a new consumption scene. The scenic spot makes use of the immersive experience characteristics of camping play, and organically combines with food, music, movies, sports, etc., so that the majority of tourists can experience a healthy, fashionable, green and exquisite camping lifestyle, and feel the vigorous development atmosphere of Jilin cultural tourism industry. The camping life exhibition sells about 8.54 million yuan of various camping equipment and camp services, including 6.18 million yuan of camping equipment sales, 2.24 million yuan of camp services, 120000 yuan of other products, and more than 40 million yuan of consumption. Third, rural tourism products with cultural experience are popular. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, Jilin has a rich supply of rural tourism products, with diversified, novel and high-end rural tourism products emerging in endlessly. The experience cultural products of parent-child travel and family travel have become an important choice. The market of rural tourism products with immersive cultural experience in the province performed well, and the number of visitors and income increased significantly year on year. The income of Tianding Mountain Tourist Resort Town in Changchun City increased by 48%, the income of Jinzhu Flower Sea in Jilin City increased by 90%, and the income and person-time of Tonghua Sandaojiang increased by 100%. Changchun Lianshan Island Film and Television Leisure Cultural Park carried out night tour experience activities, with income increasing by 381% and the number of people increasing by 200%.
At the same time, Jilin insists on regular publicity, firmly grasps the precise and interactive characteristics of new media, and relies on big data analysis such as Baidu search index, Tiktok local life service platform, and “Youyou Jilin” fan data to carry out accurate information publicity for quasi consumer groups, and carry out strong interactive new media activities for surrounding audience. “I have a date with Jilin” microblog lottery, “Teacher’s kindness is like a sea to send teachers to an autumn trip in Jilin” Tiktok, Kwai, video number, “Look for the strongest koi in autumn” WeChat official account, ticket delivery and other theme activities, with 4.13 million people reading (playing). “What do you come to Jilin for autumn”, “Jizhi autumn”, “Fairy tale to autumn (National Highway 332)” and other topics are promoted through multi-angle and multi-platform to create a publicity atmosphere and actively stimulate consumption.