Jiuquan Oil Town, Gansu Province, the shooting site of the nine-storey monster tower: it turned into ruins overnight in the 1980s

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You may have seen the movie, the ninth floor demon tower. The plot of that scene makes people feel dark and scary. A timid person may be a little scared, but do you know where the film shooting base is? It was shot in an abandoned oil town in Aksai Kazak Autonomous County, Jiuquan City, Gansu Province. Now the film and television base has become a popular tourist card scenic spot, and tourists come with curiosity and adventure.
The story of the film “Nine Layers of Demon Tower”: In 1979, the mysterious biological skeleton was found in Kunlun Mountain. The expedition led by Hu Bayi went deep into the hinterland of Kunlun Mountain to find more secrets about the ancient biological relics. Hu Bayi returned to Beijing many years later after he was discharged from the army, met Fa Xiaowang again, and embarked on the journey of exploring the unknown civilization again in the gap between the mysterious man and the scientific research team. On the way, he met Shirley Yang, and his familiar face awakened his memories of his days in the expedition team.
Why did you choose the oil town in Aksai Kazak Autonomous County to take the scene of the nine-story monster tower? What kind of place is this? Aksai Kazakh Autonomous County is located in Jiuquan City, Gansu Province. It is the only Kazakh Autonomous County in Gansu Province. Its geographical location spans three provinces (Qinghai, Xinjiang, Gansu). There are grasslands here and it is also an important pastoral area in Gansu. The river flow, the Gobi Desert, with an altitude of about 2800 meters, is rich in underground resources and minerals, In the 1950s, the government residence (Boluo Zhuanjing Town) was the abandoned oil town today.
After the film of the nine-story monster tower was broadcast, the place quickly became popular. It was rumored that the oil town was once rich, but now it has become a ruins. It is said that after the discovery of oil in the 1950s, the town was built, including hospitals, schools, amusement parks, cinemas, abandoned cars in farmers’ markets, and public facilities. When tourists enter the ruins of the town, they can’t think of the prosperity of the oil town in the past, Today, a person feels scared and scared when walking in such a place. Therefore, many folk rumors say that the bustling oil town suddenly disappeared in the dark night and windy night of 1983. Hearing this story makes people stand up and feel creepy.
In fact, after visiting the surrounding villagers (and now walking into this unmanned town), I saw the oil club and the statue of the oil worker, which is said to be transformed into an oil town for the purpose of shooting the film “Nine Demons Tower”, “Strong West Wind” and other works. The real oil town is in Lenghu, located in the vast cliffs of the Green Sea, not in Boro Zhuanjing Town, which was the residence of the government of Aksai Kazakh Autonomous County at that time, and because of the bad local environment, Due to various natural factors such as drought, inconvenient transportation and difficult drinking water, in 1995, the government residence of Aksai County was moved from Boluo Zhuanjing Town to today’s Hongliuwan Town. Up to now, the oil town has been abandoned for more than 20 years, and the movie “Nine Demons Pagoda” has revived the ruined town.
After the shooting of the nine-story monster tower in the film, together with some myths and legends circulated among the people and dilapidated buildings, the curiosity of tourists from all walks of life was aroused. The more tourists came to take photos, the more tourists came to see the tourism economy, and the local people surrounded it as a scenic spot, built a parking lot, set up tents to buy various snacks, and tourist souvenirs, and became a scenic spot worthy of the name of the Gobi Desert.
It is said that the film and television city of the nine-story monster tower has become a popular scenic spot on the Internet. The ticket is 30 yuan, and there is a sightseeing train charge of 20 yuan. Tourists can choose freely. If you pass by Jiuquan, you can punch in on the way. It is not recommended to go there for the purpose of visiting.
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