Kanas, Xinjiang, ushered in the first rime, but the beauty was not appreciated by tourists: netizens sighed

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Kanas Scenic Spot is located in Burjin County, Altay Prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The main scenic spots in Kanas Scenic Spot include Kanas Lake, Wolong Bay, Moonlight Bay, and Taiga Forest. There are 55 large and small scenic spots in the platform and Kanas Scenic Spot, mainly including Kanas National Nature Reserve, Kanas National Geological Park, Baihaba National Forest Park, Jiadengyu National Forest Park, Kanas Valley, Hemu Valley Naren Grassland, Hemu Grassland, Hemu Village, Baihaba Village, Kanas Village, etc. are known as the last pure land on earth due to their original ecological vegetation.
Kanas Scenic Spot has different sceneries throughout the year. In spring, the trees are lush and the flowers are blooming. In summer, it is a green forest ocean and a natural oxygen bar. In autumn, it is a golden fairy tale world. In winter, it is a dreamlike ice and snow kingdom. Kanas Scenic Spot is the favorite place for tourists across the country and also a paradise for photographers.
Now in October, the northern and southern regions have officially entered the golden autumn October, and all regions have started to enjoy autumn red leaves. However, Kanas winter comes earlier than other places, and the first snow comes in early October every year. In the late October, Kanas has really entered the winter mode, with thousands of miles of ice and thousands of miles of snow, which is a complete winter ice and snow kingdom.
With the new round of cooling down, there are a lot of rime wonders on the banks of Kanas Lake in Altay, Xinjiang. Standing at the highest viewing platform (fish viewing platform) in Kanas, overlooking from a high place, Kanas Lake looks like jasper inlaid in the mountains of Altay. The green spruce and golden birch add radiance to each other. Here is half the colorful forest and half the rime scenery, which is breathtaking.
Tourists from all over the country saw the Kanas Rime issued by Xinjiang netizens, and they can only sigh: the current epidemic situation in Xinjiang is not open to tourism. Xinjiang is a place to go, with good mountains, good water and good scenery. Unfortunately, it is impossible to go there. The world is a good scenery, and one side enjoys loneliness. It is a pity that no tourists enjoy the beautiful scenery.
In fact, according to the traditional winter tourism mode of Kanas scenic spot, generally after October every year, it is difficult for mainland tourists to adapt to the cold weather due to the heavy snow and low temperature in Kanas scenic spot. In addition, the ice on the road to Kanas scenic spot is thick, and tourists rarely go there. Only some deep tourists can drive into Kanas scenic spot only if they have some experience in driving on ice and snow roads. Even if there is no epidemic in winter, there are few tourists, The peak tourist season in Kanas is summer and autumn.
In recent years, the rise of Jiangjunshan Ski Resort in Altay, Xinjiang, has attracted many tourists from the mainland. In winter, there are more tourists to Kanas. The biggest advantage of going to Kanas to see snow in winter is that there is no ticket. However, the temperature is low in winter, there are few catering and accommodation operations, and the cost of meals and accommodation is relatively high. However, skiing, photography and playing snow in Kanas are the best choices in winter.
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