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As early as 2011, Tibet was rated as the “Best Winter Tourism Destination in Asia” by CNN;
Subsequently, in 2014, Tibet was selected as the “12 most suitable winter tourism destinations in China” by Global Travel Network.
CNN commented that there is not only an “epic train trip” to Tibet in winter, but also after arriving in Lhasa, the Potala Palace is not crowded in summer.
if possible
Would you like to visit Tibet in winter?
Think of Tibet in winter
Are there thousands of miles of ice and snow floating in front of you
Did you think that the mountains were sealed by heavy snow and oxygen was scarce
These are stereotypes
Winter in Tibet is not like summer and autumn
Full of congestion, less impetuous, more clean
The sky is high, the sun is warm, and the snow peaks are crystal clear. It is not as high and cold as you think
In the winter of Lhasa, the maximum daytime temperature can reach 156 degrees
It’s much warmer than Changsha!
Four Reasons for Going to Tibet in Winter
1. The climate is good, and the winter is warmer than Beijing
Contrary to the imagination of the mainland people, Tibet in winter is not icy and cold.
Tibet is located in a low-latitude region, with warm sunshine in winter from November to March of the next year. The average daytime temperature in major cities and towns is 10 ℃ to 18 ℃, which is 3-5 ℃ higher than that in Beijing.
It is not very cold, but the air is cleaner, the visibility is higher, and the scenery is more magnificent.
2. Few tourists, the journey is leisurely and comfortable
Tourists to Tibet are mainly concentrated in May to September. Compared with the peak tourist season, there are fewer noisy crowds in scenic spots such as Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple;
Tourists can taste the red and white buildings and the sunlight golden roof of the Potala Palace in a leisurely mood and walk everywhere, and will not worry about not buying tickets to the Potala Palace.
3. Save a lot of money. The price of winter travel is 50% cheaper
The most economical time to travel to Lhasa in winter is transportation, food, accommodation and travel. Since November, due to the implementation of joint promotion, the price of the main routes of Tibet tour has dropped by as much as 50% compared with the same period in the past, while the service level has remained unchanged.
4. The mountain response is not necessarily stronger than that in summer
The vegetation in Tibet is relatively sparse and the air is dry in winter. A slight neglect may aggravate the plateau reaction. Therefore, Lhasa and Nyingchi are the first choice for winter travel in Tibet.
Among them, Nyingchi, known as “Tibet’s Little Jiangnan”, is located in the “hinterland of Shamballa”, with an average altitude of 3000 meters below the critical point of alpine reaction, and high oxygen content, which is very suitable for winter tourism.
After swimming in Linzhi, I adapted to the plateau. I went up to the Nyang River to bask in the sun in Lhasa, the most sunny city in winter, and strolled around. It was a leisurely browsing that could not be achieved in summer. The mountain response has also become a unique experience of the stepped intelligent travel.
The exclusive beauty of Tibet in winter
1. Namco, thousands of miles of ice
We must first say the most wonderful and rare things. Have you ever envied the snow scenery in northern Europe? Amazing blue ice in Lake Baikal, Russia?
That may be because you have never passed through Tibet in winter. In the late winter of February, when Namco is frozen for thousands of miles because of the cold, you will be completely amazed. It turns out that the holy lake in Tibet only shows its holiest side in the winter without tourists.
2. Look at the most beautiful snow scenery and the most vast land
Red flowers and green leaves, beautiful mountains and beautiful waters, where are there in the mainland? However, in the mainland, you can never see the cold and vast beauty of Tibet; Ice and snow cover, thousands of miles of empty beauty;
The beauty of movement and stillness that all things are silent and only the wild donkey and horse are still running. In winter Tibet, just walking on the road, you seem to be able to feel the changes of the four seasons.
Even if you come to Tibet alone, you can have about 35 people in the Youth Brigade in Lhasa and rent a car to experience the unique winter Tibet!
Cold and majestic winter in Tibet
In summer, there are few mountains covered with snow; But in winter, a very common mountain can be covered with ice and snow.
What is Namjawa, Tanggula, Everest They will show people with new faces, and they will become more white and sacred!
Linzhi is known as “the south of the Yangtze River in snow” and “Switzerland in the east”. You know that Linzhi’s spring peach blossoms are famous in the world, but you don’t know that her snow scenery is still charming, but she is purer and more affectionate than Switzerland.
Lulang, which means “Dragon King Valley” in Tibetan, is the place where the Dragon King lives, and is also the place where people do not feel homesick. Different from the colorful autumn, the Lulang silver-covered in winter has become the magnificent White Dragon Palace.
The thousand-year-old cedar in Seraji Mountain is hung with crystal and tin rime, and the Lulang alpine pasture surrounded by primitive forest is a European landscape.
If you happen to encounter heavy snow, see a crystal clear blue across the white snow. The background is the holy mountain covered with snow, which is really beautiful.
Under the care of winter, the beautiful goddess of Mount Everest finally lifted her mysterious veil and showed her beautiful face to thousands of admirers. It’s easier to shine in the golden mountain in winter!
It can only be experienced in Tibet in winter
In Lhasa, the average daytime temperature in winter is about 15 degrees, which is a little cold, but it is very pleasant to bask in the sun.
If you are not busy, go to a teahouse, order a cup of sweet tea, and sit at the door. Maybe there is a dog lying on the ground next to you to bask with you one day. It’s definitely 100 times better than you in bed! The most important thing in this city of sunlight is sunshine!
At the gate of Bugong, you don’t even need to take the reservation ticket this season, and it is still the off-season, and the ticket price is half cheaper than the peak season.
Most of the people walking around you are not tourists, but Tibetans from all over the world who are going to make pilgrimages. You can follow them directly to the White House along the steps. The city is full of pilgrimage in winter, and the atmosphere of faith makes people admire.
No wonder some people say that only Tibet in winter is God’s paradise.
Go a little farther and see the Xiazhulin Temple, a thousand-year-old temple.
The ancient temple built on the mountain is like a small Potala Palace. When I first entered the temple, it seemed to be empty and quiet. There was no sound here. There was only the smell of Buddhist incense and the burning butter lamp – and there is a legend that is not old for a thousand years.
Now that we have all come to Tibet, how about we feel the exotic New Year? On New Year’s Eve, there will be a grand and grand “Divine Dance” on the streets of Lhasa.
The magnificent snow mountains in winter and winter surround the holy lake, like an emerald inlaid in diamonds. The enthusiasm in summer and summer can camp to see the stars in the sky.
Travel has never been divided into weak and peak seasons. Each season has its unique charm, as long as you have the heart.