Let me show you the real Yunnan. This vegetable market is the most healing place. It’s more interesting than the scenic spots

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Both Dali and Lijiang are the most famous tourist attractions in Yunnan Province, attracting deployed tourists every year. However, only senior tourists and local residents know that neither Dali nor Lijiang can represent the overall image of Yunnan Province.
The new seal market in Kunming is the most comforting place in Yunnan. It is said that fireworks in the world are the most soothing. It is true. The food market is the best place to experience the fireworks in the world. There are simple farmers, authentic melon and fruit ingredients, and everywhere is full of local characteristics. It is a place that everyone who comes here can’t forget. Especially in Zhuanxin, Kunming, the food market here is unique in Yunnan. Follow me if you don’t believe me.
First of all, the environment of the vegetable market seems to bring people back to the old times.
Although the ground is muddy and the road is not flat, it still can not stop the pace of tourists. The food market is not as orderly as the supermarket, but very messy. But it is this kind of chaos that also makes people feel the old days of Kunming and heals our hearts.
Especially the simple shouts, which are vegetables and fruits planted by the residents of the nearby villages themselves, are very fresh and full, which make people have a strong appetite at a glance, and let people feel the gift of nature. Farmers are natural artists. They have a more aesthetic sense of vegetables and fruits, so that tourists can feel the charm of nature more. Especially for color matching, they seem to have a natural sense of color. Entering the Zhuan new vegetable market is like entering the most primitive and natural melon and fruit production base.
Secondly, the unique local cuisine of the food market.
Many people come to the Zhuan New Food Market in Kunming to have a look when they can’t think of what to eat. There is no need to think about it here, because the food here is very authentic and delicious. Many delicacies have been handed down for hundreds of years, and have the local characteristics of Kunming. Many tourists stop here because of the delicacies and bring them back to relatives and friends as specialties.
It’s no exaggeration to say that if you travel to Kunming Zhuan New Food Market, you can’t bear to go out for a day. After all, there are so many delicious scenery here! Needless to say, tourists from other places, even local residents of Kunming, should not praise the fresh and delicious vegetables and fruits in the new market of Kunming Zhuan.
The simple folk customs and rich products have made Kunming Zhuan New Dishes Market popular in Yunnan Province at one time, and made countless tourists want to see the real face and experience the real fireworks. In addition, there are many local vegetables with unknown characteristics, which have also captured the hearts of tourists.
In addition to some unique vegetables, such as kudzu in Yunnan, it is a very good thing. There are two kinds of wild and cultivated vegetables. It tastes like sweet potato, can be used as medicine, and has a wide range of uses. There are also some less well-known but very distinctive vegetables, such as salty iced vegetables that can burst into water. Many tourists feel very magical when they first see them. There are even vegetables that can burst into water.
There are also ivory-like grass sprouts used to cook soup, which are really white and flawless like ivory under the random arrangement of local residents. It is very delicious and fragrant when used to cook soup. There is also the characteristic food of the Yi people in Yunnan, which tastes rich and full of milk flavor. It is a local food with very national characteristics.
There is also the wrapped bean curd, which is very popular among many tourists. As the name implies, although the appearance of the bean curd is no different from that of the ordinary bean curd, it is crispy, but it is very tender and smooth inside. It tastes delicious and appetizing.
In addition, children’s vegetables, seaweed and green pumpkin are all local vegetables in Kunming. Friends who have not eaten them must not miss them. I believe they will continue to savor them after eating them. There are so many kinds of delicious food that many tourists pack it as a specialty of Yunnan and bring it home to their relatives and friends to taste.
After all, a local specialty can best show the local characteristics. It can be said that when you go to Kunming Zhuan New Food Market, you have to pack several bags of specialty on your way home. Compared with the local specialties sold in some tourist attractions, what you can buy in the local food market is the authentic local specialties.
Therefore, more and more tourists have shifted from fixed tourist attractions to the local food market. Through watching the food market, they can understand the local characteristic food, and feel the local simplicity, folk customs and cultural customs more easily. Especially when you see the crispy and green vegetables in the vegetable market, you can feel the exuberance and meaning of life.
Summary: The significance of the trip is to understand the local conditions and customs, improve your vision and mind, and go to Kunming Zhuan New Food Market for a circle, which will definitely give you unexpected surprises and gains.