“Marvel SNAP” will launch a new competitive mode “Conquer”

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Recently, the official Twitter of the Marvel card game “Marvel SNAP” announced that it will update the game content in the future, including a new competitive mode called “Conquest”.https://www.slw-ele.com/
According to the content of the blog within the game, this mode will be similar to the PvP mode, but it has been upgraded to a new level, allowing players to confront other players in qualifying games. When players participate in a conquest game, they can choose the league they want to participate in, and if they win in a row, they can unlock and participate in higher level leagues. Players participating in the conquest game can also receive medals that can be used in the conquest store to unlock exclusive rewards.
Although the update time for the Conquest has not yet been announced, the addition of this mode will inspire players to reach higher levels and levels. Players can use this time to create and experiment with their card decks, preparing for the upcoming new mode.