Microsoft: EA is the largest third-party publisher of PS, not Activision Blizzard

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Microsoft stated that Activision Blizzard is far from being the largest third-party publisher of PlayStation, and it is clear that Activision Blizzard is only ranked fifth, while EA is the first.
In response to the UK Competition and Market Authority’s CMA, Microsoft provided a data source stating that EA, a sports powerhouse, is the largest third-party console game provider on PlayStation, followed by Ubisoft and Take Two. Although Microsoft emphasizes that PlayStation is like this, it is also true for the Xbox platform.
Among the top five, the only difference is that Sony itself ranks fourth as a publisher, surpassing Activision Blizzard, while Activision Blizzard ranks fifth.
Microsoft stated in the file that “Sony has 286 games exclusively owned by PlayStation, and Sony’s first party games are almost exclusively owned by PlayStation.” Subsequently, several representatives were listed, including “Ares”, “Marvel Spider Man”, and “The Last Survivor.”.
Speaking of “The Last Survivor,” Microsoft and Activision clearly want regulators to take note of HBO’s TV series. Not only did an executive from Activision previously claim that the success of “The Last Survivor” was a good reason for a merger, Microsoft also specifically pointed out the success of the show to CMA.