Mount Huangshan Xihai Grand Canyon: a beautiful place to linger and forget to return

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The Five Mountains return without looking at the mountains, and the Mount Huangshan Mountain returns without looking at the mountains. As one of the five mountains, Mount Huangshan has been loved by tourists from all over the country since ancient times. Even the famous poet Li Bai also praised Mount Huangshan endlessly: “Mount Huangshan is four thousand feet high, with thirty-two lotus peaks. The red cliffs are sandwiched with stone pillars, and the red buds are golden lotus”. Since we have come to Mount Huangshan Mountain, we must go to see the Xihai Grand Canyon.
The Xihai Grand Canyon is one of the 24 grand canyons in the Mount Huangshan Scenic Area. The canyon is deep, with towering cliffs and spreading ravines. At the entrance of the canyon is the narrow Jiaolong Beach, 15 meters wide, with steep gorge walls on both sides. On the left is the cliff at the foot of Funiuling Mountain, and on the right is the cliff at the foot of Yunmen Peak, each of which is nearly 100 meters high, and it is very deep. In a word, it is full of scenery here.
Go inside over the Jiaolong Beach at the entrance, and you can see the steep cliff. There is a plank road built up the mountain beside the cliff. To ensure safety, the plank road is relatively narrow, which can only allow two people to walk side by side. Slowly go up along the plank road, and you can see the scenery of the opposite canyon. Pine trees grow in the rock crevices of the surrounding mountains, which is one of the “four wonders” of Mount Huangshan Mountain. The branches of the pine tree curl out of the crevices of the rocks and grow up obliquely. Although the growth environment is bad, its top is still green, and stands vigorously on the peaks and cliffs. There are green pines on the 72 peaks of Mount Huangshan Mountain, and the nameless pines all over the mountains paint life on Mount Huangshan Mountain, so there is an old saying that the beauty of Mount Huangshan Mountain begins with pines.
After climbing to the top of the mountain, you can see the continuous peaks in your eyes. It can be said that “when you look across the forest, there are peaks on the sides, and the distance and height are different”. The mountains in the distance are hidden in the clouds and mist above the top of the mountain. Occasionally, when the wind blows, the complete appearance of the mountain will be shown in front of us. The sea of clouds in Mount Huangshan is unpredictable, so the scene of Mount Huangshan is also changing. The sea of clouds may suddenly appear in the evening. The orange sunset shines from the clouds, soft and mysterious, like a fairyland. There is also a small pavilion for people to rest on the top of the mountain. Beside it are colorful plants, flowers, grass and trees. Even if you live here for a while, you won’t be bothered.
The strange rocks in the distance are also very attractive, with different shapes and postures. These strange stones will have different shapes at different times and from different angles. Standing on the top of the canyon, you can also see the famous “Monkey Viewing the Sea” and “Guide Stone”. A small stone stands on the top of the mountain, like a petite and lovely monkey squatting on the ground, staring at the sea of clouds in front of it, which is also the source of the name “Monkey Viewing the Sea”; The “guiding stone” is a stone similar to the shape of a guiding sign, which is small at the top and large at the bottom, and has a sharp top. Of course, there are many unnamed rocks, which requires your imagination.
People who have been to Mount Huangshan Mountain say that the Xihai Grand Canyon is the most beautiful, but what you hear is false, what you see is true. Would you like to verify it yourself?