Naughty dog Neil: I know you want “The Last Survivor 3”, but I won’t say it

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Recently, Neil Druckmann, president of naughty dog studio, was interviewed by Kinda Funny and asked whether there was pressure to create another popular IP such as “The Last Survivor” or “Mysterious Sea”. Neil said that the success of naughty dogs allowed them to choose to do what they were most interested in.
Neil said, “I’m lucky. I don’t need to think that way. I joined a very successful studio, and we can do anything we want. I know that not everyone has this privilege, but I won’t despise it.”
“So after the end of a project, we will purposefully explore several other projects, maybe sequels, maybe a bunch of new ideas. Then we will think ‘Where is our passion’? Because it must last for many years.” “If you choose the wrong project, you will exhaust your passion. If you make mediocre things, it is because you lose your passion for the project.”
Neil doesn’t want to reveal whether the naughty dog is doing “The Last Survivor 3” or other new works. He said: “I know that fans really want The Last Survivor 3, but I can only say that we have entered the next project and decided to do it. I can’t reveal which game we are doing, but this is the process we have experienced. We have considered many different things and selected the most exciting thing.”
Despite the success of the “Last Survivor” series in business and word of mouth, Neil said that Sony would not put pressure on naughty dogs to continue to tell the story of Ellie and Abby in “The Last Survivor 2”.
“They give us full support. Maybe people think we are under pressure to build a sequel, but that is not the case. For us,” Mysterious Sea Area “is very successful.” Mysterious Sea Area 4 “is one of our best-selling game works. We write the last pen for the story and announce that we have finished it. We need to start the next step.” “Similarly, for” The Last Survivor ” Whether we should continue to do it depends on ourselves.