Nintendo still has confidence in Switch and says its sales are strong

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In an interview with the Associated Press, Doug Bowser, president of Nintendo USA, was asked about the subsequent models of the switch and his personal hopes for the heart console. However, instead of answering the question directly, Bowser chose to discuss Nintendo Switch and why the company still believes that the future of Switch is still bright.
According to Bowser, the sales of Switch is still “strong”, and “a very strong lineup is coming.” Although Nintendo has no news about the future, the company is “still very optimistic” about the current platform. He added: “Even after entering the seventh year, we are still confident that the Switch will have strong performance in the next few years. One of the reasons is that it is still a truly unique device. You can play in various ways at home and on the road.”
Switch was listed on March 3, 2017 and has now entered its seventh year. Although there has been a decline in switch sales in Europe, America and Japan, Nintendo still hasn’t released any information about the new host. I don’t know how long Nintendo can continue to maintain the switch.