Online players jumped 578% after joining PS+in Battlefield 2042

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Earlier this month, Sony announced free games for PS+members in March, including Battlefield 2042 (PS4/PS5), My World: Dungeon (PS4), and Bloodthirst Code (PS4). According to foreign media reports, with the addition of PS+to Battlefield 2042, a large number of players have flocked to this game.
According to TrueTropies, the trophy data site, the number of players increased by 578% after the addition of the PS+exemption to Battlefield 2042. Currently, there are more online players than games such as GTA5, Watchman 2, Apex Hero, and Destiny 2.
It is worth noting that this observation is based on limited data, as not all players choose to be tracked, but this is still a good indicator.
Ranking by TrueTropies as of March 12
Last week, “Battlefield 2042” launched a free trial in Steam from March 13 (Monday) to March 16 (Thursday), with a peak of 24000 people during the period. Before March 13, “Battlefield 2042” Steam had an average of around 9000 people online, so it attracted some new players for free, but not too many. Maybe it’s because EA has had too many trials at Steam.
According to SteamChart, after the free trial of Battlefield 2042, there are currently around 10000 people online, with a 24-hour peak of 23000.