Outdoor camping enriches the business of Guiyang summer products

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In the past two years, the domestic tourism market has been hit by the epidemic. At the same time, weekend tours and peripheral tours have become new choices for many consumers. Outdoor camping, with its advantages of short-distance, low concentration, and strong experience, has ushered in explosive growth. Recently, the reporter interviewed Guiyang, Guizhou Province, which is known as the “Summer City of China”, and found that the local resort, relying on good mountains, good water and good scenery, has quietly sprung up outdoor camping, which not only promoted the recovery of tourism, but also brought opportunities for rural revitalization.
“Camping tour” has become a new fashion to drive new consumption
When the weather is fine, set up a tent on a piece of green land, lay a picnic mat, place exquisite food, and then take photos and send them to the circle of friends… Recently, this lifestyle has become a fashion in Guiyang.
In Damu Village, Liutun Town, Xiuwen County, on the banks of the sparkling lake, the camping base of “Jiye World ยท Party Space” began trial operation during the “May Day” holiday, with dozens of tents surrounding a quadrangle wooden house. The base has expanded new channels for local rural tourism and villagers’ income increase by undertaking research and learning, red education and training activities.
When we arrived at the RV camping base in Huahua Town, Wudang District, several container-like RV were surrounded by flowers and plants. “There are room types suitable for lovers and parents and children, with prices ranging from 388 yuan to 688 yuan, and the camp is free of breakfast according to the number of people in the camp.” Xie Liuli, the head of marketing of the base, said that since the opening last year, the rooms have been basically full on holidays and weekends, and there are also many “repeat customers” who usually come.
According to data from online tourism platforms such as Ctrip and Mafengwo, this year’s “May Day” holiday, the search popularity of “campsites around Guiyang” increased by more than 50%; Guiyang ranked fifth in the list of hot camping cities on the Dragon Boat Festival.
Living in the scenery and playing in the mountains and rivers, the unique mountain resources make Guiyang have a diversified and complex camping business. Long Cong, the vice mayor of Guiyang, said that this summer Guiyang will continue the seven major travel theme games of “quality camping, hiking, wind riding, trend light outdoor, parent-child strolling, urban roaming, and high-quality homestay”, constantly enrich the product formats of the summer vacation season, accelerate the stimulation of market vitality, and promote the recovery of popularity, confidence, and market recovery.
In Sanhe Village, Xindian Town, Qingzhen City, about an hour’s drive away from Guiyang, the Yutuo camping base built by Ma Fengwo has become a “network red” punch point. This camp on the bank of the Yachi River is designed to attract young people’s personalized play and experience, including Frisbee, yoga, baseball and softball, etc.
On July 5, the Shuangshuang Guiyang Big Dipper seven-star camping season was officially launched, and the activity will continue until September. During this period, different IP-themed camping activities will be held in 10 districts, cities and counties, such as starry music, grass film, swimming pool radio and so on. The camping branch of Guiyang Tourism Industry Association established on the same day has 40 members. Wei Heng, the chairman of the branch, said that the number of campsites in Guiyang had exceeded 70, more than half of which were opened this year.
There are “hidden worries” behind the trend. The quality of the camp needs to be improved
Throughout the outdoor camping business, it is still in its infancy. Behind the current phenomenon of blooming everywhere, a series of problems have also been exposed, including the lag of public facilities and services, weak environmental awareness, and worrying security risks. The original purpose of camping is to “enjoy the scenery”, but it may also become “spoil the scenery”. It is urgent to strengthen efforts and make up for the shortcomings.
Some citizens believe that the biggest impact of the camping boom is to destroy the environment. At present, many campsites are preferred at the waterside or in areas with flat grassland and lush vegetation. In some urban parks, some vegetation will be damaged; Some of the garbage from camping directly pollutes the water. In addition, the safety risks brought by camping should also be vigilant. Some people use open fire to barbecue and cook, which will bring great fire hazards.
The reporter found that the camping industry involves many fields, such as camp construction, camping equipment manufacturing, etc. The most critical one is camp construction. At present, urban people are keen on camping, especially the exquisite experience and enjoyment, and put forward higher requirements for camping equipment, activities and comprehensive services in camping sites. However, the infrastructure construction of water, electricity, toilets, sewage and other facilities in many camping sites is not perfect, and the supply of high-quality products and services is insufficient, which is difficult to bring tourists a satisfactory journey.
Relevant surveys show that people want to get close to nature during camping, but it is often difficult to keep up with the supporting facilities in remote villages. From the perspective of operators, the development of outdoor camping is characterized by small investment, short cycle and quick effect. At present, some businesses may pursue the tuyere, which may lead to blind investment, homogeneous competition and uneven service levels.
Strengthen guidance and regulation to promote the healthy development of industry
Practitioners believe that the real camping industry is far beyond “a piece of lawn, a tent and two simple meals”. In order to achieve sustainable development, relevant government departments and practitioners need to work together to create and release greater economic and social value through industrial linkage and business type integration.
In order to standardize the construction standards of camping bases, improve the supporting resources such as the camp service system, and let the people enjoy the exquisite and slow life brought by outdoor camping in the city, on June 17, the Guiyang Tourism Industry Association issued the Guide to High-Quality Construction and Service of Outdoor Camping Sites in Guiyang City and the Proposal for “Traceless Camping” in Guiyang City.
In combination with the sustainable development direction of the current camping market, the Guide for High-quality Construction and Service of Outdoor Campsites in Guiyang City provides a basic definition for high-quality outdoor camping sites, and provides corresponding guidance for high-quality construction and service of camps from 9 aspects, including overall requirements, camp location, service functions, transportation facilities, parking facilities, service quality, service center, health requirements, brand communication and information management.
In order to reduce the uncivilized behavior of camping, the Proposal of “Scarless Camping” in Guiyang City advocates that tourists should legally and legally camp, abide by the provisions of epidemic prevention and outdoor fire prevention, ensure personal safety, and do not set up camps in the protected areas, green belts or water sources without permission, and do not litter, so as to make “green ecological camping” a normal way of travel, and take the initiative to protect the ecological environment while going outdoors.
On July 29, Guiyang City took the opportunity of camp tourism to issue the “National Camping Players Convening Order”, inviting tourists from all over the country to Guiyang and set up camp between “Senjian Valley, Lake Hot Spring, Grassland Pasture, Mountain Flower Sea, and bustling city” to experience the refreshing Guiyang of “refreshing, refreshing, refreshing, refreshing, refreshing, shopping, and refreshing”.
The relevant person in charge of the Guiyang Tourism Industry Association said that it would further give full play to the industrial cooperation force, continue to explore and improve in practice, expand the business forms, drive the surrounding industries, and achieve healthy and orderly development while keeping the two bottom lines of development and ecology.