Paradise for self-driving tour, with amazing scenery along the way

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With the improvement of people’s awareness of self-planning and strategic level, many people will not choose to travel with tour groups. Because there will be too many restrictions and restrictions, and there will be a wave of forced shopping from time to time. It is too sad for tourists to be physically and mentally tired. Nowadays, self-driving has become a popular way for many people, because such routes will be more free. Some of the scenery you enjoy is determined by your choice.
After work and life, come to the scenic spot you like to stop and watch, and take some beautiful photos. What a pleasure?
If Superman can fly, let me stop in the air. Looking down on the world again will make me feel better. The lyrics of Jay Chou’s song were once popular across the country. Indeed, in the course of our busy life, it is the best choice for us to deliver ourselves to nature and have a close experience. Many people will choose to drive to Tibet. The scenery along the way is very beautiful, and the local humanistic feelings are also full of smoke. In addition, this road in China has become one of the first choices for self-driving travel.
This highway is called Duku Highway, which reduces the distance of more than 1000 kilometers from north to south in Xinjiang to 500 kilometers. The construction of Duku Road took ten years and was built by the people’s soldiers. In order to build this “magic” road, hundreds of officers and soldiers paid the price of their lives. During the construction of this road, many drawings were changed. Many civil engineering experts and relevant designers held meetings day and night, and finally finalized the road construction plan. During the construction of the road, I have traveled through many areas where no one cares, where cattle and sheep are discouraged. However, the designers and construction teams work day and night, fearing difficulties and dangers, and forge ahead bravely. Finally, this road was presented to people. It was really like the way of heaven, and won many people’s praise.
This road allows us to feel the changes in the four seasons of the year, and we can feel the unpredictable changes in temperature within ten kilometers. Maybe we can feel the spring here in the last second, and the green grass in the shade. The next second we can experience the shuttle in the desert area that no one cares about. Then we can feel the splendor of autumn leaves by driving forward for a distance. Maybe we can drive forward for a distance, and the snowy mountains covered in silver and covered with snow will appear in front of us. On both sides of the road, the scenery is also very pleasant. There are clear lakes, rolling mountains, lush forests, patches of grassland, cattle and sheep strolling on the grassland. If you are tired of driving in the car, you can get off the car, pick up the camera, and have a close contact with nature. The fresh air is refreshing and makes you feel comfortable.
Although the scenery along the way is good, it is necessary to respect the laws of nature more often, so as to better put into the embrace of nature. This road is only open for five months every year, and the remaining seven months are strictly controlled due to the unpredictable weather here. But in the past five months, there are a large number of tourists driving their beloved cars and bringing their families to stop here to watch and experience life.
Respecting the laws of nature and reasonably grasping the laws of natural coexistence between people and between people and society are the foundation of survival. Such roads bear too much blood and tears of the working people, so they will bloom the most beautiful flowers today.