Phase I of Wenyuhe Park is fully open

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The first phase of Wenyuhe Park in Beijing has been opened to the public recently. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the park launched more than 10 activities such as riverside health run to enrich citizens’ holiday life.
The first phase of Wenyuhe Park in Beijing has recently been fully opened to the outside world. A 12 square kilometers of contiguous ecological space has been formed to the west of Beijing-Chengdu Expressway, and it has become a new “health and leisure park” and “ecological experience park” for Beijing citizens.
During this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, the first phase of Wenyuhe Park, with the theme of “Wenyujia · Ecological Beauty · Park+”, launched more than 10 activities, including riverside health run, wind photography, boating tour, pet leisure, nature appreciation, coffee tasting, farming experience, cultural and creative exhibition, lantern exhibition, etc., to enrich the holiday life of citizens.
The opening of the first “Wenyuchao Play Life Festival”
In the Chaoyang Phase I park of Wenyuhe Park, the first “Wenyuchao Life Festival” opened a few days ago. At the Alpha Adventure Camp near Gate 18 of the park, a variety of trendy exhibits such as motorhomes, camping tents, vintage motorcycles, and trendy toys attract visitors. “I live in Chaoyang and watched the park build little by little. With so many goods and performances on the spot, I feel very international, and the natural environment is also very good. It’s really good to have such an experience outdoors!” said Zhou Xiansheng, a citizen who came to “punch in”.
This series of activities for the opening of Wenyuhe Park in autumn are mainly held in Qinghe – Wenyuhe, Chaoyang Phase I and Shunyi Phase I. Among them, in the Qinghe-Wenyu River area, it is mainly composed of two activities, namely, the waterfront leisure and health run in the daytime and the “moon over the Qinghe River” wind gathering and photography at night. Citizens can enjoy the beauty of the intersection of the two rivers and exercise on the Binhe Road. There are 10 special activities in Chaoyang Phase I Park, including “Yuhu Lake Rowing Boat · Mid-Autumn Moon Night Tour Yuhu Lake”, “Lifestyle Cafe · Mid-Autumn Coffee Tour Yuhu Lake” and so on, which show the characteristics of “nature education, art, sports, camping, national style, popular science” in Chaoyang District. There are two types of special activities in the first phase of Shunyi, including online live broadcast and offline interaction. The online activity is the online artistic performance of “Reading in the Rain and Rain”, which allows citizens to enjoy the cultural heritage of Wenyu River; The offline interactive activities are carried out around six idioms and allusions from Shunyi, such as “Yuyang Favorable Policies”.
12 square kilometers of ecological parks are fully open
Li Wenyu, the person in charge of the coordination group office of Beijing Wenyuhe Park, said that Wenyuhe Park is located at the junction of Chaoyang, Shunyi and Changping districts, and at the junction of Qinghe and Wenyuhe rivers, covering an area of 30 square kilometers, and is the largest “green lung” in Beijing.
In accordance with the goal of “starting in one year, demonstrating in two years, forming in five years, preserving in ten years, and building in many years”, the construction of Wenyuhe Park Phase I was started in 2019. After four years, the Chaoyang Demonstration Zone, Changping Phase I, Chaoyang Phase I, Plot D, and Qinghehekou Section, Shunyi Phase I, Chaoyang Phase I, Plot A, B, and C were completed successively. The first phase of the park will be fully opened to the outside world. It will build a concentrated and contiguous ecological space of 12 square kilometers to the west of Beijing-Chengdu Expressway, provide citizens with new places for fitness, leisure and ecological experience. It will also effectively promote the coordinated economic and social development of the surrounding Beiyuan, Tiantongyuan, Sunhe Cluster, Future Science City, Shunyi International Talent Community and other regions.
In the process of construction, Wenyuhe Park comprehensively strengthened the working mechanism of “overall planning of the city and the main responsibility of the district”. The municipal water affairs bureau, the municipal finance bureau and other departments and the three districts of Chaoyang, Shunyi and Changping have ensured the planning and construction of Wenyuhe Park in an all-round way from the aspects of preparatory organization, financial guarantee, policy guidance, etc., focusing on promoting urban and rural cross-regional ecological restoration and urban repair work, maximizing the effect of ecological integration and comprehensive governance, and jointly building “one park”.
The natural belt design in the park focuses on the restoration of habitats, control of human interference, promotion of natural succession, and exploration of wilderness management. Up to now, there are more than 600 kinds of animals and plants in the whole park, and the Chinese merganser, Great Bustard, Oriental White Stork and other national protected animals have been found successively, which effectively promote the restoration of biodiversity.
The second phase of the park will take shape at the end of next year
“At present, we are promoting the project approval of the second phase of the park.” Li Wenyu said that the second phase of Wenyuhe Park includes three garden projects in Chaoyang, Shunyi and Changping districts, a flood storage and detention area covering an area of 1200 square meters, the construction content of two rivers including Laohewan and Wenyu River, and 18 roads connecting the whole park, including Laiguangying North Road, a total of 24 projects. It is planned that the park will be initially formed by the end of next year.
During the first phase of the golden autumn opening activities of Wenyu River Park, citizens can enter the park by online booking, follow the WeChat official account “Beijing Wenyu River Park Official Service Account”, or search “Beijing Wenyu River Park” through to complete the booking, and hold a 72 hour nucleic acid negative certificate before entering the park.