Pingtan: The tourism road connects the Zhenxing Road, the island village picture is unfolding

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In autumn, Pingtan has warm sunshine and clear weather. In Daifeng Village of the Suping District, there are many stone houses in a well-arranged pattern. A wide and clean cement road passes through the village, and a beautiful picture of the island countryside is slowly unfolding.
Located in the north of Lan Island, Daifeng Village was once faced with the difficulties of idle houses and labor loss due to its remote location, inconvenient transportation and weak industry.
Chen Shiguo, the manager of the “World Boundary · West Bank” homestay, is the first “crab eater” of Daifeng villagers’ homestay. “In the past, there was only a 3-meter-wide main road leading to the main road in the village. When it came to rainy days, the village road was muddy, and the truck carrying the fish could not move at all. Going out to work became the only way for the villagers to get rid of the poor days.” Speaking of the bitter days, Chen Shiguo was filled with emotion.
To become rich, build roads first. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Pingtan has made great efforts to build tourism routes based on round-the-island roads, accelerated the construction of “four good rural roads”, paralleled the trunk roads in various towns, and realized “all roads connect scenic spots”. According to the data, by the end of last year, the area density of Pingtan highway network had reached 174.44 km/100 square kilometers, ranking first in the province.
In Daifeng Village, the village road widening and maintenance project and the village appearance management are in parallel, which not only broadens the space for pedestrians and vehicles, but also vigorously renovates the chaos along the road, creating a comfortable and convenient traffic environment for the villagers.
In 2019, Chen Shiguo, who had worked abroad for many years, returned to Daifeng Village and worked with his partners to prepare for the construction of the “World Boundary · West Bank” homestay in the past two years, with 13 themed rooms. This year’s National Day Golden Week turnover exceeded 60000 yuan.
In June of this year, the 10-kilometer-long ecological corridor around Baiqing was completed and opened to traffic, connecting Daifeng Village, Guocai Village, Qingfeng Village, Qingfeng Wharf and the tourism resources along the Dongzhan Village, deeply displaying the northern scenery of Lan Island. “Since then, more and more tourists have come to stay and camp in the village. At sunset, many people drive along the corridor and shoot the beautiful scenery of the Sunset Road with ‘long guns and short cannons’.” With the continued popularity of corridor tourism, the number of high-quality residential accommodation in Daifeng Village has also increased to 5, which can increase the collective income of the village by more than 100000 yuan per year.
The report of the Twentieth National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed to promote the revitalization of rural industries, talents, culture, ecology and organizations. This made Chen Shiguo feel excited and confident. He said: “The development of rural homestays has become more ambitious, and we are also more motivated to work hard in our hometown. In the future, we plan to introduce catering, cultural and creative industries and other forms of business, take the development route of boutique and branding, and contribute to the overall revitalization of the countryside!”