Players say “Diablo 4” dungeons are boring to paint, hoping to improve randomization

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Recently, Diablo 4 launched a beta test for pre order players, and the popularity was so hot that the servers couldn’t hold up. Blizzard has said it is optimizing.
Compared to the cartoon style of Diablo 3, Diablo 4 is more dark in style, with the feeling of a dark dungeon in Diablo 2, and significant improvement in image quality. The main concern players have about Diablo 4 is that it will eventually become a brush game like Diablo
Although Blizzard introduced many gameplay methods in Diablo 4, such as World BOSS, Random Events, and so on, the core is still a brush. Many people say that the dungeons in Beta are too simple and do not have enough randomization features. One third of the dungeons they have played have the exact same layout and, like Diablo 3, have no sense of exploration or discovery.
Players have also criticized the repetitive puzzle element functionality in the dungeon. The player’s task is to find keys or crystals, collect animations or other items, or fight against a specific Boss. Although these mechanisms have indeed changed the rhythm of the dungeon, the diversity of puzzles is not enough, making people feel bored after playing for a long time. I hope Blizzard can improve the randomization of Diablo
“However, many South Korean players have expressed support for Diablo 4, believing that ‘this is a seriously developed game that can afford a price’, ‘like the screen upgraded version of Diablo: Immortal’, ‘and’ after the official version goes online, it should be fun to brush the equipment again. I am already satisfied with being able to develop to this level. ‘”.