Ranking of the world’s top ten CNC machine tool manufacturers in 2023!

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Currently, the TOP 10 list is dominated by Japan, Germany, and the United States, with four companies from Japan, three companies from Germany, one joint venture between Germany and Japan, and two companies from the United States. The following is a detailed introduction to these companies!

01 Yamazaki MAZAK

Japan’s Yamazaki Mazak (MAZAK) Company is a world-renowned machine tool manufacturer, ranking first in market share all year round. The company was founded in 1919 and mainly produces CNC lathes, compound turning and milling machining centers, vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers, CNC laser systems, FMS flexible production systems, CAD/CAM systems, CNC devices and production support software. The products are well-known in the industry for their high speed and high precision, and their products are used in various industries in the machinery industry. Customers are mainly distributed in different industries such as automobiles, machinery, electronics, energy, and medical care. With the continuous development of manufacturing technology, automation and digital technology.

At present, Yamazaki Mazak has 10 production companies around the world, distributed in Japan (5 in Japan: Yamazaki Mazak Oguchi Factory, Yamazaki Mazak Minokamo Factory, Yamazaki Mazak Minokamo Second Factory, Yamazaki Mazak Seiko Factory and Yamazaki Mazak OPTONICS Factory), the United States (Mazak Corporation), the United Kingdom (Yamazaki Masina), Singapore (Yamazaki Mazak Singapore) and China (Ningxia Little Giant Machine Tool Co., Ltd.), (Liaoning Dalian Factory ). In addition, Yamazaki Mazak has established 30 technology centers (Technology Centers) in more than 60 places around the world. Together with Mazak technical service centers (TechnicalCenter) around the world, Yamazaki Mazak has established more than 80 customer support bases around the world.

Yamazaki Mazak Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., established in 1998, will specialize in the sales and service of laser cutting machine products in China, while the sales and service of all metal cutting machine tool products except laser cutting machines will be managed by the new company, Yamazaki Mazak Machine Tool (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is responsible. The above is for products produced in Japan. The sales of Yamazaki Mazak products produced in China are still fully handled by Little Giant Machine Tool Co., Ltd.


02 Germany Trumpf

Germany’s TRUMPF Group is one of the leading companies in the global manufacturing technology field. It was founded in 1923 and has a glorious history of more than 80 years. TRUMPF Group, headquartered in Ditzingen near Stuttgart, Germany, is a global technology and market leader in the field of industrial lasers and laser systems.

Based on the rapid development of the Chinese market, TRUMPF Group has continued to invest in China since 2000. It has successively invested in four production enterprises in Taicang, Jiangsu and Dongguan, Guangdong to produce CNC sheet metal processing machine tools and medical equipment. TRUMPF Group, headquartered in Ditzingen, Germany, has more than 80 years of machine tool production history and is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of manufacturing technology. It currently has 7 Chinese subsidiaries, two of which are production-oriented enterprises.

After the establishment of TRUMPF (China) Co., Ltd., it will introduce the mainstream products of TRUMPF Group into China for the first time. The company plans to gradually develop, produce and sell various CNC machine tools under the TRUMPF brand in China. The current product is the TRUMPF TruLaser3030 series CNC plane laser cutting machine. After the market gradually stabilizes, it will gradually conduct local development and research in order to take a further step. to meet the needs of the Chinese market. From machine tools for processing metal sheets and materials, to laser technology, electronics and medical technology, TRUMPF is leading the technological development trend with continuous innovation. TRUMPF is establishing new technical standards and is committed to developing newer and more products for users.



DMG MORI is a joint venture between Germany’s DMG and Japan’s Mori Seiki. The DMG MORI brand integrates the advantages of MORI SEIKI’s 65 years and DMG’s 143 years. DMG Mori Machine Tools has a high reputation in China and around the world and is an important equipment manufacturer for high-end manufacturing. The vertical machining, horizontal machining, three-axis, four-axis, five-axis, turning and milling composite machining centers, and ultrasonic/laser machining centers produced by DMG Mori Machinery represent the development direction and the highest technical level of the domestic and foreign machine tool industry.


04 MAG

As a machine tool and automation system company, MAG can provide users with complete and tailor-made machining solutions, mainly serving the durable goods industry. It owns many well-known brands: Berlinger, Cincinnati, Kraus Wheeler, Excello, Fado, Giddings Lewis, Hessup, Honsberger, Wheeler and Witzsch Frank wait. As an outstanding supplier, MAG is famous for its perfect process technology and tailor-made production solutions based on this. It is widely used in aerospace, automobiles, heavy machinery, oil fields, rail transit, solar energy, wind turbine production and general processing industries.

MAG has set up many production and technical support organizations around the world and has a rich product line and technology, including turning, milling, gear hobbing, grinding, honing, system integration, composite material processing, maintenance, industrial control systems and software, and cutting tools. and oil products, core components, etc.

As a supplier of production line systems, MAG has always been committed to providing complete processing solutions tailored to users’ needs for mass production of various engine parts. Based on detailed and in-depth analysis of the entire manufacturing process, we can provide a complete set of solutions to help customers improve overall productivity, improve efficiency and reduce overall production costs.

MAG successfully provided a cylinder head production line for Ford Motor Company. The line includes two agile machining systems with an annual output of 1.3 million aluminum cylinder heads (roughing and finishing). One set is composed of 54 SPECHT? high-efficiency CNC machining centers, which complete the preliminary processing processes including milling positioning surfaces, drilling for transportation and clamping, and drilling of main oil passages. The second set consists of 172 SPECHT? machining centers consisting of 4 systems to complete finishing. The connection between machine tools and processing units uses truss manipulators and raceways, and assembly auxiliary machines, cleaning machines, and measuring and inspection devices are integrated into flexible production.


05 Amada

Amada Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 1946 by Isao Amada (the founder). It was initially mainly engaged in the business of sheet metal machinery and cutting products. In 1955, it developed and manufactured a band saw disc called contour and began selling it in 1956. It was purchased in 1965. After discontinuing the Torc-Pac brand in the United States and the Promecam brand in France, and selling it under the name of Amada, “Amada” entered a period of rapid development and became a world brand in the sheet metal industry, whether in developed countries such as Japan, the United States or Europe. Enjoy a very high reputation. According to incomplete statistics, in recent years, it ranks first in the international market share of similar products, close to 70%. In 2001, Amada’s sales reached 190 billion yen and its number of employees reached 4,400.

The company has 83 branches in all continents of the world, and its products are marketed in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. It produces a wide variety of sheet metal processing machinery (nearly a thousand varieties) with excellent performance and advanced technology. It has become a leading supplier of sheet metal processing machinery in the world. The leader in the machinery industry. The 21st century intelligent automatic sheet metal processing center developed and manufactured by the company in the 1990s set a precedent for intelligent processing in the world’s sheet metal industry and received Japan’s highest technological invention award.

The reason why AMADA’s products are welcomed and favored by users all over the world is that it has a comprehensive and reasonable mechanical structure; it can provide users with good quality assurance; it has efficient and pollution-free operation characteristics, can create benefits for users, and provide Guarantee of safe use; it has the advanced technology of simulation automation to provide users with perfect and simplified processing guarantee, so that AMADA’s products are sold all over the world, and the company’s annual sales reach 200 billion yen.

The main products include: CNC punches, bending machines, shears, laser cutting machines and other sheet metal processing machinery, as well as corresponding molds, spare parts, and cutting products.


06 Okuma

Japan’s largest machine tool production gantry machining center manufacturer has a century of machine tool manufacturing experience. Japan Okuma Co., Ltd. is one of Japan’s leading CNC machine tool manufacturers. It has a history of more than 100 years and produces various CNC lathes, turning centers, vertical and horizontal types. , gantry (pentahedron) machining center, CNC grinding machine, etc., with an annual output of more than 7,000 units (sales in 2006 were 170 billion yen, about 1.5 billion US dollars), about 50% of which are exported, and their products are known for their good rigidity. , is famous for its high cutting efficiency, high precision, long life and easy operation, and has won high praise from users all over the world.

Japan’s Okuma Company is not only a famous CNC machine tool manufacturer in the world, but also began to develop Okuma’s own CNC system-OSP CNC device as early as the 1960s. At present, the annual output is more than 7,000 CNC devices and about 30,000 spindles and servo motors, ranking around 5th in the world. The OSP system is not only advanced, stable and reliable, but also functional and easy to operate. It is completely integrated with the machine tool and truly achieves electromechanical integration.

At present, many Okuma machine tools already support this new invention, such as five-axis vertical machining centers MU-6300V, MU-500V, MU-400V, five-axis compound machining centers MU-6300V-L, MU-500V-L and five-axis Horizontal machining center MU-10000H.

For Chinese manufacturing manufacturers, Japan’s Okuma Machine Tool is a very famous product. Its annual sales in China of CNC machine tools, grinders and various precision machining systems are close to 400 million yuan, making it one of the most influential foreign machine tool suppliers in China.


07 Makino Makino

Mr. Tsunezo Makino founded the company in 1937, specializing in the production of Type 1 vertical milling machines. Makino developed Japan’s first CNC milling machine in 1958, and successfully developed Japan’s first machining center in 1966. Makino International R&D Center has invested S$75 million to develop and enhance the human resources and intellectual capital not only of Makino, but of Singapore as a whole. It recruits talents from various industries around the world and is a hotbed for new ideas, new technologies and new products, enabling the creation of more valuable intellectual property.

Makino mainly designs and produces three-axis and above-linked CNC machine tools, CNC systems, servo devices and components, as well as the research and development of related products and the development and production of related application software; sells self-produced products and provides technology and maintenance of related products. Serve.

In order to meet the rapidly growing processing requirements of the Asian market, Makino Milling Machine Company, the global headquarters, established Makino Asia to better and more effectively manage the business and services of customers in Asia. Based on Singapore’s geographical location, strategic position and economic situation in Asia, Makino Tokyo chose Singapore as its Asian headquarters and established Makino Asia Pte Ltd to cover the markets of China, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore.

Makino Asia has now developed into a manufacturing company integrating manufacturing, R&D, product design and business management. Advanced machining, manufacturing and assembly are important functions of our company. Makino Asia produces F and E series machining centers, EDAF and EDGE series EDM machines, DUO series and the newly launched U3 wire EDM machine tools.


08 Grob

The German GROB company was founded in 1926 in Munich and is headquartered in Mindelheim, Germany. GROB is a company that produces a full range of machine tools in the world. Whether it is standard machine tools, complex production systems or assembly units on cutting lines, or fully automatic assembly lines, GROB’s processes and technologies are always at the forefront. GROB specializes in complete line “turnkey” projects of engine parts. It is a global system integration supplier covering different processes, technologies, resources and cultures.

In order to promote GROB’s technology to all cutting fields, GROB engineers have developed a five-axis linkage machining center, which has been widely recognized by the market. Its G module technology and experience and knowledge in the automotive industry have been successfully applied in In terms of the technology and layout of the G350 and G550, innovations such as hydraulic-free machine tools and turning and milling centers quickly achieved success in the fiercely competitive general machine tool industry. The G350 and G550 quickly became the leaders in the same series of products.

As the fourth factory under the German GROB Group, GROB Machine Tool (Dalian) Co., Ltd. was officially put into operation in the new area in June 2012. With the successful launch of the first machine tool, GROB Group plans to put the most cutting-edge technology into China, produce high-precision, high-speed machine tools at its Dalian factory, and achieve the long-term goal of rolling out one machine tool per week.


09 Haas

Haas Automation Company is one of the CNC machine tool manufacturers. Its only production base in the world is located in Oxnard, California, with a factory area of ​​more than 100,000 square meters. The annual output of Haas CNC machine tools reached more than 12,500 units in 2006.

When Mr. GeneHaas first launched the Haas VF-1 vertical machining center, he laid the foundation for high-quality, high-value CNC technology. Today, no matter what your needs are, there is always a Haas vertical machining center that can satisfy you. The Haas machine tool line ranges from small office mills to the large VS-3, with approximately 60 models to choose from.

Haas vertical machining centers are equipped with high-performance vector drive spindles, each axis is equipped with high-torque brushless servo motors, and the casting structure is sturdy. The machine tool configuration is suitable for a wide range of applications: including 40- and 50-taper gear-driven models for high-torque, heavy-duty cutting, and SS models (equipped with coaxial direct-drive spindles) for demanding high-speed machining.

Haas TM series CNC tool milling machines are reasonably priced and are the best choice for transitioning from manual machining to CNC machining. Standard configuration of this series

Includes Haas’ patented intuitive programming system that makes setup, machining and more easy with this conversational programming system – even if you don’t know G-code.


10 Emag

The origins of EMAG go back to 1867. It was originally founded as a cast iron and machine tool manufacturer in Bautzen, Saxony. The company was rebuilt in 1952 and was located between Stuttgart and Ulm, not far from Salah, where the company is located today. After the company was re-established, it began manufacturing lathes.

In the 1980s, EMAG made great achievements in the field of manufacturing highly automated CNC lathe units. This production system is exported to all over the world and used by all walks of life. In 1992, EMAG launched the inverted lathe as the world’s largest machine tool manufacturer. The characteristic of this lathe is that the spindle completes loading and unloading, and the spindle travels while the tool holder is fixed. In other words, EMAG turns the traditional lathe upside down.

EMAG’s process technology is comprehensive and perfect, and it can provide customers with machine tools and production systems for processing disc parts, shaft parts and box parts. Whether it is a lathe, a grinder, a gear hobbing machine, a laser welding machine or a machining center – the EMAG Group can provide the best production solutions for almost every application. EMAG’s advanced technology in intelligent automation technology can greatly help customers simplify equipment and increase production efficiency. It can also effectively save costs, thus promoting the rapid development of enterprises.

The machine tools and production systems manufactured by EMAG Leipzig Machine Tool Co., Ltd. cover almost all applications in the fields of petroleum industry, automobile manufacturing and supporting industry, machinery manufacturing industry and aerospace industry. Since the Leipzig company became part of the EMAG Group, it has combined the technologies and experience of both parties to continuously develop and manufacture machine tool types based on the EMAG series but geared towards its own target users.

The innovative processing technology of reverse thinking created EMAG’s industry position. In 1992, EMAG was unique and launched the ingenious inverted lathe for the first time, which was a great success. Since then, EMAG has continued its efforts and developed a new inverted multi-functional production center. Today, EMAG has truly become the most important manufacturer of inverted machine tools in the world.