Red Leaf Festival of Badaling National Forest Park opens

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Climbing the Great Wall, appreciating red leaves, viewing Hanfu, walking trails… The 16th Red Leaf Ecological and Cultural Festival in Badaling National Forest Park officially opened this weekend. From now on, the park will carry out red leaf appreciation, forest convalescence, the Great Wall Hanfu Show, and autumn walking activities in the best viewing period of red leaves, so that citizens can enter the forest and enjoy the fun of nature.
After three generations of hard work, the forest coverage rate of Badaling Forest Farm has increased from 4% to 49%, building a green barrier for the northwest of Beijing and the Green Great Wall for Badaling. The Hongyeling Scenic Spot of Badaling National Forest Park is located between the Badaling Great Wall and the Shuiguan Great Wall, and the scenery of the Golden Autumn Ancient Great Wall can be seen from afar. At present, Badaling and Shuiguan sections have opened the Great Wall for tourists to climb. This section of Hongyeling Ancient Great Wall retains its original historical appearance, and encircles thousands of acres of red leaves in the scenic area on three sides, presenting a magnificent landscape of red leaves reflecting the ancient Great Wall. The scenic spots of Wanglong Terrace and Tenglong Terrace in Hongye Ridge are the best angle to view the full view of the Badaling Great Wall, and the full view of the majestic style of the Great Wall in autumn.
The Hongyeling Scenic Spot, adjacent to the Great Wall, has an average elevation of 500 meters higher than the urban area. Due to the great cooling effect of the surrounding forests and the enclosure of the ancient Great Wall, it has become the earliest place for autumn in Beijing and one of the best places to watch the red leaves in Beijing. The reporter of Beiqing News learned that this year’s red leaf viewing period in Hongyeling Scenic Area will continue until early November.
The vegetation in Hongyeling Scenic Area has achieved healthy forest management, with good growth, full leaves, and an area of nearly 1000 mu. More than 50000 plants such as Cotinus coggygria and Acer truncatum, which are full of golden trees, will also be transformed into bright red, pink, light yellow, orange and other colorful autumn world with the change of temperature. It has the characteristics of “the most beautiful red, the earliest red in Beijing, the most ecological wildlife, and the closest viewing distance”.
At present, there are 16 scenic spots in Hongye Ridge, each with its own characteristics. The whole tour process is changing, the distance between the scenic spots is small, and the landscape is dense. The whole scenic spot can be transferred within 1 and a half hours by walking. If you are in a hurry or have poor physical strength, you can visit the best scenic route. The whole journey takes only 45 minutes, and the altitude difference of climbing is only 120 meters. During the tour, you can fully enjoy the beautiful scenery of the perfect integration of red leaves and the Great Wall.
It is also understood that Badaling National Forest Park, as the terminal of the Taihang Mountain National Forest Walk, is currently actively building the Badaling section of the National Forest Walk. On the way, you can not only overlook the red-leaf landscape, appreciate the high-value unique landscape resources such as wild cloves, apricot flowers, pear flowers, linden trees, but also touch the history, find the spirit of the Great Wall, and taste the Taihang culture. “At present, we have completed part of the guide sign system, including the entrance, starting point, scenic spots and direction signs, as well as the popular science signs of animal and plant diversity, to carry out the popular science publicity of forest culture while protecting the safety of hikers.” The relevant person in charge of Badaling National Forest Park said that in the near future, the forest park will add the service form of forest trails, To meet the needs of the public for long-distance hiking and natural experience.
1. Recommended best tour route in Hongyeling Scenic Spot:
① Near Maple Terrace — ② Bodhi Terrace — ③ Longwang Terrace — ④ Xiangyun Terrace — ⑤ Longteng Terrace — ⑥ Equator — ⑦ Yongyan Terrace — ⑧ Red Cliff — ⑨ Echo Wall.
2. Badaling National Forest Park Transportation Strategy:
Train: Take the S2 train from Beijing North Railway Station to Badaling Station, and walk 2600 meters along the Great Wall.
Self-driving: drive through Badaling Expressway, exit from Shuiguan Great Wall Expressway, and go straight 1500 meters to the parking lot of Forest Park.
Bus: Take 877 from Deshengmen to Badaling Great Wall Qianshan Parking Lot, get off at the terminal, and walk back for 400 meters to the entrance of the scenic spot.
3. Warm tips:
Due to the changeable weather in autumn, the general public and tourists are reminded to pay attention to the weather changes before appreciating the red leaves, increase or decrease clothing appropriately, and pay attention to the slippery road surface.