Rumor: The PS5 exclusive game “Ricky and Dingdang: Separation” may be on PC

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Nixxes Software is a Dutch company acquired by Sony, which is mainly responsible for porting PlayStation games to PCs. Recently, some fans found a recruitment list of Nixxes Software, which may indicate that the next PlayStation exclusive game to be ported to PCs is Ricky and Dingdang: Separation.
In the position introduction of UI and UX designers of Nixxes Software, although the game Ricky and Dingdang: Separation is not explicitly mentioned, the position does require the applicant to have experience in using Coherent Labs. Ricky and Dingdang: Separation is not the only game that PlayStation uses Coherent Labs to make UI, but it is the only game that meets the standard and does not log on to PC.
Ricky and Dingdang: Separation was released on the PS5 in 2021, and was developed and produced by Insomniac Games. Another game developed by Insomniac Games, Marvel Spider-Man, is also a PC transplant by Nixxes Software.