S1mple can only rank fifth? Check the CSGO players who have won the most money in history

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With the end of various CSGO world competitions in 2022, the ranking list of contestants’ bonus income will also be updated.
As early as 2018, star players dev1ce, dupreeh, and Xyp9x of the Astralis team became the first batch of players to break the million dollar bonus. Although the members of the top Astralis (Danish team) have already gone their separate ways, we will still see many Danish players in the list. Five of the top six players in the bonus list are members of the top A team. Only Simple, with his stable performance in the competition in recent years, is in the fifth place in the list.
S1ple is the only non-Danish player in the top five. The Ukrainian superstar’s entry into the elite list was largely due to the success of NAVI in 2021, when the team won a series of international championships, including the PGL Stockholm Grand Slam. Despite the loss of boombl4, NAVI is still one of the most powerful teams in the CSGO project.
Now in 2023, CSGO is still the most popular FPS game in the world, and 23 players have exceeded the million dollar bonus. The Navi team’s breakthrough player B1T broke the million dollar mark after IEM Rio Major. At the age of 20, he is also the youngest player in the list. In addition, in the last few weeks of 2022, two other contestants broke the million mark after the 2022 Blast Global Finals. Niko of the G2 team and Nitr0 of Team Liquid were ranked first and second in the final.
After G2 won the 2022 BLAST Premier World Finals and 2023 IEM Katowitz, NiKo’s ranking soared. He is now 12th in the total ranking, less than 30000 dollars away from entering the top ten. In the ongoing ESL professional league S17 competition, he will have the opportunity to enter the top ten in history.
Who is the CSGO player who has won the most money in history?
In February 2022, dupereh won the championship of S16 of the ESL Professional League in Malta, becoming the first CSGO player to break the $2 million bonus threshold.
So far, dupreeh has surpassed the former Astralis teammate Xyp9x and become the player with the highest bonus in the history of CSGO. Given the struggling performance of the Astralis team of Xyp9x, Dupreeh’s current team Vitality has a better chance to win more bonuses. I hope they can accomplish more feats in the next competition.