Science and technology light up cultural and tourism innovation

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Science and technology light up cultural and tourism innovation
From the misty rain south of the Yangtze River to the vast northwest, from the fresh island to the dreamy snow town… At the first China (Wuhan) Cultural and Tourism Expo (hereinafter referred to as the “Cultural and Tourism Expo”), you can “travel” to the north and south of the Yangtze River in seconds without a long journey. This is the power of new technology, the fruit of the integration of culture and tourism, and the vivid embodiment of the theme of “Beautiful China and a Better Life” of this cultural and tourism expo.
Jingchu Cultural Tourism Feast
On the morning of November 26, Wuhan International Expo Center in Hubei Province was crowded. Everyone consciously wore masks, showed their health codes and lined up at the entrance of the exhibition hall. Li Qiang, deputy director of Yichang Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, came here early to prepare for the first wave of visitors. “In addition to focusing on the scenery, culture and people of Yichang, we also integrate the ‘water’ elements of the ‘capital of water and electricity’, the ‘poetry and painting’ elements of the ‘city of poetry’, and the ‘piano’ elements of the ‘city of piano’ to display the charm of the pleasant city and livable city with technology.” Li Qiang is familiar with the contents of Yichang Exhibition Hall.
All 17 cities, cities and prefectures in Hubei participated in the cultural and tourism exposition, fully reflecting the local conditions and customs of Jingchu.
At the Shiyan Exhibition Hall, a wonderful Wudang Kung Fu performance “Wind Sound Tai Chi” instantly ignited the passion of the visitors. The natural and elegant posture, the fist technique of combining hardness and softness, and the calm and relaxed state… The visitors have raised their mobile phones to record, for fear of missing every wonderful moment. “To be healthy, go to Wudang. Wudang Mountain is located near the mysterious 30 degrees north latitude line. Wudang Mountain ’72 peaks connect with the sky, and 24 streams of water roar’. I hope you industry elites and entrepreneurs can go to Wudang Mountain to take a walk and have a look.” At the promotion meeting, Li Peng, deputy director of the Management Committee of Wudang Mountain Special Economic Zone, is giving a hearty explanation.
“When I return to the earth, what I want to do most is to reunite with my family and comrades in arms; what I want to eat most is our Xiangyang Niuzamian.” Nie Haisheng, an astronaut from Xiangyang, said this sentence in space, making Xiangyang Niuzamian a hot spot. In the Xiangyang exhibition area, Xiangyang beef offal (meat) noodles, which had just been on display, were sold out. “We planned to focus on publicity and display at this exhibition, only 1000 boxes of noodles were taken out, but we didn’t expect you to purchase so enthusiastically,” said Xu Baohua, Secretary-General of the Tourism Commodities Branch of Xiangyang Tourism Industry Association.
The hot sale of Xiangyang beef offal (meat) noodles reflects the visitors’ love for Hubei food culture and special products. In addition, this Cultural Tourism Expo also displayed the puppet of Fujian, the lacquer art works of Chongqing, the cultural and creative perfume of the Palace Museum… 1062 exhibitors brought their most distinctive cultural and tourism products to the scene, which focused on the new achievements, new formats and new vitality of the integration and development of China’s culture and tourism in the new era.
At this cultural and tourism expo, a signing conference for investment promotion of key cultural and tourism projects in Hubei was also held. A total of 50 cultural and tourism projects were signed with a total amount of 165.586 billion yuan.
Immersion experience of technology travel
Science and technology is another highlight of this Cultural Tourism Expo. The driverless car in the comprehensive exhibition hall of “South of Wuhan ยท China Car Valley”, the coffee grinding robot in the Shanghai exhibition area, the 3D train model in the exhibition area of the China Railway Museum… The 60000 square meter exhibition hall is full of scientific and technological elements, and all kinds of novel cultural and tourism products are eye-catching.
In the Shennongjia exhibition area of the Hubei Pavilion, the ski simulator brought the fun of the Winter Olympics to the scene in advance. Visitors only need to step on the experience platform and wear VR glasses. As the technicians press the start button, they can immediately be exposed to the silvery snow and ice world. As long as visitors shake their heads and press the trigger button on the handle, they can jump to avoid trees, boulders and other obstacles, and can also cross the valley. “We mainly recommend skiing in Shennongjia – the world is so big, skiing in Shennongjia. We welcome everyone to ski in Shennongjia.” In the face of an endless stream of visitors, Liu Qijun, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and head of Shennongjia Forestry District, issued a warm invitation.
With the help of this cultural and tourism expo, Hubei will show its industrial advantages of “optical core screen terminal network” in a way that visitors can see, touch and hear.
The “Beautiful China” comprehensive exhibition hall, a double-sided flexible screen scroll, China’s Yellow River, the Yangtze River, the Grand Canal, the Great Wall and the magnificent mountains and rivers on the “the Belt and Road”, slowly unfolded in the form of sound and light in front of the audience. Under the dark blue circular dome in the core area of the National Integration Zone, a transparent ice screen with a height of about 6 meters rings a long music, and the slogans of provinces and cities such as “capital and capital, enjoy rivers and mountains”, “Tianfu’s three nines, walk comfortably in Sichuan”, “ancient Chinese civilization, good scenery in Shanxi” are played on the ice screen.
“In order to improve the audience’s viewing and interactive experience, and do a good job of the new article of ‘science and technology+cultural tourism’, at this Cultural Tourism Expo, we used the latest technology of dozens of high-tech enterprises in Hubei Province.” The relevant head of Hubei Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism introduced that the latest technologies such as Beidou high-precision AI control core, high-tech folding screen, bare-eye 3D and so on let culture and tourism plug in wings, bringing visitors a full-sensory immersion experience.
Open Journey Global Interaction
“Each beauty has its own beauty, the beauty of beauty, the beauty of beauty and common, the world is the same”. This cultural and tourism expo is open to the world, with 15 national tourism authorities and international tourism agencies including Russia, France, South Korea and the Wanli Tea Road International Tourism Union participating in the exhibition, building a broad bridge of friendship between China and foreign countries in Hubei.
During his second visit to Wuhan, Julio Floris, the Minister Counsellor of the Embassy of El Salvador in China, could not conceal his excitement. Seeing the prosperity of this Cultural Tourism Expo, Julio Floris said that he learned about the development of China’s tourism industry and different tourism formats. “This grand meeting is also a learning trip for me,” said Julio Floris.
At the Croatian Pavilion in the international tourism exhibition area, the director of the Shanghai Representative Office of the Croatian National Tourism Administration, Gulan, spoke fluent Mandarin and proudly introduced the Croatian cities, neckties, fountain pens and other special products to the visitors. Gulan has visited Hubei many times. Her purpose of this trip is very clear: “Croatia has many nature reserves and national parks, and Hubei is rich in rivers and lakes. I hope to promote the exchange between Croatia and Hubei in natural resources and cultural tourism.”
Affected by the global COVID-19, Thailand, with tourism as an important industry, has suffered a lot. Zou Ting, the Wuhan market representative of the Shanghai Office of the National Tourism Administration of Thailand, brought fresh Thai cuisine from Thailand. “We have introduced various tourist destinations in Thailand. We hope that after the epidemic, you can go to beautiful Thailand again and experience the long-lost tropical scenery and Southeast Asian cuisine,” said Zou Ting.
In order to make the exhibitors “buy all over the world without going abroad”, the International Tourism Expo has also set up a “cross-border shopping source life square” in the international tourism exhibition area. Uruguayan wines, Mongolian sweaters and other commodities can be directly purchased from overseas, and the price is close to the people. It is understood that the various activities of this Cultural Tourism Expo attracted 2.988 million people to participate on site, and the main venue attracted nearly 100000 visitors to make an appointment to visit.