Shanxi is comparable to the scenic spot in Guilin, known as the “Little West Lake” in southern Shanxi. The ticket is only 10 yuan, but few people know it

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All friends who have come to Shanxi should know that Shanxi is surrounded by mountains on all sides and surrounded by mountains. The area of the mountains itself accounts for more than 80% of the total area of Shanxi. It is not so much that Shanxi is surrounded by famous mountains that it contains Shanxi. Many friends who do not know Shanxi may not have heard that there is a very beautiful lake in Shanxi. There is a huge stone in the lake, standing in the middle of amber, and this lake is called Jiuxianv Lake. This Jiuxianv Lake is not only extremely cheap but also as beautiful as Guilin. Local people call it the “Little West Lake” in southern Shanxi.
Today, the editor will introduce to you the Jiuxianv Lake, which originated in the southeast of Shanxi Province. The Jiuxianv Lake, as its name suggests, is as beautiful as a fairy. The fairy is here. The former Jiuxianv Lake was symbolized by the local people as a fairy coming down to earth, and the Jiuxianv Lake itself is at the intersection of the Qinhe River and the Changhe River. The largest source of water resources in Jiuxianv Lake is from the Qinhe River.
When we come to the periphery of the Jiuxianv Lake, we will find that the Jiuxianv Lake itself is beautiful and the surrounding scenery is also beautiful. The boulder standing in the middle of the lake has a name, which is called one of the eight ancient scenes in Yangcheng by the local people. Of course, there is not only the beauty of the lake water here, but also an exciting rafting. Here you can also challenge your limits and climb the cliff beside the Jiuxianv Lake, Come to a rock climbing competition. When you take a raft to swim in the whole Jiuxianv Lake and look at the surrounding mountains, do you want to recite a poem?
When you meet the local hospitable people in southeastern Shanxi, they will introduce you to the legend of the Nine Fairies. Listen to their stories in your ear, can you feel as relaxed as a fairy? Just like the story in Xanadu, we are relaxed and happy here. We can’t extricate ourselves. At this moment, we put down all kinds of pressure in life and become a fairy wandering in the mountains and rivers.
What’s more interesting is that the scenery here is beautiful, but the ticket price is very low. It only costs 10 yuan per person to visit here. This cost performance ratio can crush a number of charged scenic spots. Perhaps the scenery here is not as long as the West Lake, but the Jiuxianv Lake also has its unique beauty. If it is near the West Lake, we enjoy the lake view, but next to the Jiuxianv Lake, we enjoy the landscape. Only with mountains and water can we have a home.
I wonder if you like Jiuxianv Lake?