Shefshavan, a blue dream town in Morocco

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Video loading In Morocco, North Africa, there is a small town called Shefshavan, known as Blue Diamond, which is famous for its ancient traditional blue architectural style. Shefshavan is built on the hillside, and the surrounding valleys are rolling and rolling. The blue town is inlaid here like a sapphire, which is extremely dazzling and attracts tourists from all over the world.
Shefshavan is a multi-ethnic country with an altitude of 564 meters and a population of less than 40000, located at the foot of the Caala Mountains in the west of the Rif Mountains in northwest Morocco. It used to be a Spanish colony for a long time.
The town of Shefshavan was built in 1471 as a castle to resist the Portuguese invasion. When the town of Shefshavan was just established, it was not blue, and it was no different from other towns. In Islamic culture, blue is said to be the color of happiness and optimism. But now it seems that blue makes Shefshavan look different. The small blue town has become a symbol and symbol of the town and the core reason for attracting tourists.
Walking into Shefshavan is like walking into a blue ocean. Shefshavan is not close to the Mediterranean, but it has a classic Mediterranean architectural style. All the buildings show different shades of blue, which integrates into a blue ocean. All the buildings here, including the gates, stairs and walls, are painted in the brightest blue.
Sheff Shawan is also the kingdom of cats. There are lovely cats of different shapes in the alleys, which seem to be the guardians of this mountain city. They live leisurely in this blue territory. They seem to be everywhere on the steps, along the windows, in the stacks of books, beside the fish stalls, in front of the studio doors, and beside the garbage cans.
Utar Haman Square in the center of the town is a place for people to meet, and the famous Great Mosque is located here. The Great Mosque in Shef Shawan is the oldest and most important mosque in the region, one of the landmarks for people to pilgrimage and observe, and also a place to overlook the sunset and night view of Shef Shawan.
With many titles, it has become a famous tourist destination in Morocco. In 2010, it was officially listed in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Protection Directory. In 2019, it was selected as one of the ten most beautiful cities in the world by the international website “Espresso”. In 2019, Wanderlust was selected as one of the 12 most beautiful cities in the world. With the blessing of these titles, it has also promoted the development of local tourism. The cuisine and handicraft industry of Shefshavan are also very distinctive.
Cupping, blacksmith, carpentry, needlework and tanning are important local handicrafts. Benefiting from the development of tourism, the handicraft industry is still continuing its vitality. There are many craftsmen in the town engaged in leather, textile, ironware and traditional carpentry. Wood products are the most popular handicraft products, accounting for more than half of the product sales. The case of Shefshavan Town also brings us some thoughts. First, we should pay attention to the integration of IP shaping and cultural product development. When building a town IP or a popular online scenic spot, we should fully realize that this is only a means to attract tourists, not an end. Only by creating a consumable and experiential tourism product can we achieve the final industrial benefits. 2、 The shaping of online popular scenic spots cannot be blindly copied. If we paint a village or a small town blue for no reason, it can also attract people’s attention, but it is difficult to be sustainable without cultural support. Well, today’s sharing is all about this. What gains and inspiration do you have? Welcome to exchange and interact! The Rural Assembly launched the selected “100 Cases of Beautiful Countryside” at home and abroad to help build beautiful villages! If you like, you can praise and pay attention. More cases and thoughts about beautiful countryside and rural revitalization are expected to share with you. (End) Village rally number: self-run media of Beijing Institute of Urban and Rural Strategies. Shouldering the mission of “solving the puzzle of rural revitalization, exploring the way of industrial integration, and shaping the beauty of rural countryside”, it has deeply cultivated the fields of rural industrial upgrading, beautiful rural construction, and integration of agriculture, culture and tourism, and disseminated new ideas, new ideas, and new models of rural development in the world. We will build a self-media information exchange platform, smart innovation platform, rural industry stage, and promotion exhibition platform that can comprehensively empower rural sustainable development. To provide fast and effective knowledge transfer services for builders who are committed to rural development, and realize the beautiful vision of relying on villages and enterprises, facing each other, and integrating urban and rural areas.