Silent Ridge 2: Reproducing: Wearing black silk for nurses is because the original version shows too much flesh

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Previously, the new artwork of “Silent Hill 2: Reprinting” was released, and the new nurse image was made public. Someone found that the nurse wore black silk and looked even sexier. Recently, Ito Changda tweeted that the reason for adding black silk to the “Silent Ridge 2: Reproducing” nurse is because some people say that the “Silent Ridge 2” original nurse exposed too much flesh.
“Bloober has released a new image of a nurse, which is one of the conceptual art drawings. I made her wear colored silk stockings because someone pointed out that the original nurse had too much flesh exposure, and I also wanted to express’ This is a reproduction ‘,” Ito Changda said
In the comment area, netizens said, “I really like the look of it.” “It’s a good choice, changes are always good.” “The new nurse is even sexier.”.