Sony Becomes the Game Publisher with the Highest MTC Score in 2022

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Metacitic released its 13th (2022) annual ranking of game publishers, with Sony ranking first. The ranking is based on the quality of games sold in 2022.
In 2022, Sony released a number of high scoring masterpieces, including “Ares 5”, “The Last Survivor 1: Reproducing”, “Horizon: The End of the West”, “GT Racing”, “Ares 4” (PC), and “Marvel Spider Man” (PC).
The ranking of publishers is calculated using a point system based on four factors. The most important basis is the average score of the publisher’s game on the MTC. Other factors include the proportion of highly rated games (above 75 points), the proportion of poorly rated games (below 49 points), and the number of “excellent games” (above 90 points) released.
“Only publishers that release five or more games in 2022 are eligible for selection, which means that Microsoft, the top player in 2021, was excluded because there were too few games released by Microsoft last year.”.
Top 10 Game Publishers in 2022: Also attach their MTC average score
1. SIE, 85.6 points
2. P society, 81.6 points
3. Activision Blizzard, 76.5 points
4. Focus Entertainment, 80 points
5. Take Two, 78.9 points
6. Capcom, 78.6 points
Sega, 79.3 points
8. Annapurna interaction, 79.2 points
9. Humble Games, 76.8 points
10. Society D, 78.3 points