Sony executives: The company’s third-party plan makes PS the best game platform

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Recently, according to the foreign media Gamesindustry, Shawne Benson, head of the third-party portfolio and acquisition of Sony Interactive Entertainment, said in an interview, “Sony’s third-party plan makes PlayStation the best choice for playing.”
Shawne Benson has been playing a portfolio role at Sony since the beginning of 2017 and took over her current position in 2021. A few days ago, Benson said in an interview that she saw major changes in part of the PlayStation strategy and in the new generation of hosts from her perspective.
She said: “When I joined, I saw that the team managed by my predecessors focused on bringing more value to PS4 and PSVR users. Many partnerships are about promoting participation on the platform, so the type of game we bring is to tell the story of ‘breadth and depth’, and also show some innovations on PS4.”
She added: “Since then, I have noticed the evolution within this time frame. From the perspective of future technology, this transformation has really focused and shifted to content acquisition. Therefore, we began to focus on promoting many exciting points around the release of PS5 content, making PS5 the best game platform. Many of the content we focus on is based on this.”