Sony is frustrated! FTC ruled that Sony should disclose the exclusive transaction content after 19 years

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According to Playstation Lifestyle, the FTC regulatory authority ruled that Sony must disclose the third-party exclusive transaction of Playstation platform in the Microsoft Activision acquisition case.
In order to counter the FTC’s lawsuit against the Activision acquisition case, Microsoft summoned Sony to request a list of documents it believed were relevant to the case, including the personnel files of PS executives and the third-party exclusive content transactions.
In response, Sony proposed a motion to revoke or limit the subpoena, accusing Microsoft of “obvious harassment”. However, most FTC judges disagree with this statement.
The FTC ruled that “the nature and extent of the content license agreement of SIE is related to the allegation in the indictment about the exclusive arrangement between the video game developer and the video game developer and publisher.”
Sony believes that it is an unnecessary burden to read documents and business documents for decades, and FTC limits the date range of required documents to January 1, 2019.
In addition, FTC did approve the performance evaluation and evaluation of Sony’s retained employees. Microsoft claimed that these personnel data might “candidly” discuss the information it requested, but FTC disagreed.