Sony will launch James themed PS5 limited handle with its famous words printed on it

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According to Gamerant, LeBron James has joined Sony’s PlayStation Playmaker program and is ready to launch his own star handle.
PlayStation Playmaker cooperates extensively with famous original authors, athletes, actors, artists, game masters and artists in the pop culture field to share their talent and love for the game. Many celebrities have joined the program, including BMX athlete Nigel Sylvester and WNBA rookie NaLyssa Smith.
James, the four-time NBA champion and the NBA’s historical scoring champion, is one of the most charismatic stars in the sports world today. He has participated in game activities many times outside the game, and his exposure rate is not low. For example, he once shared the photos of Kratos COS who had participated in the parents’ meeting of the stars of “God of War: Twilight of the Gods”. In addition, he also played games such as NBA 2K23, Fortress Night and Warner Riot.
Earlier today, Sony announced the first product of the PlayStation Playmaker program, the special version of the PS5 DualSense handle, which is printed with the signature designed by James himself. James hopes that his works can “inspire all people who touch it and find meaning and fun from every detail.”
In 2021, James worked with Microsoft to launch the limited edition Space Jam: A New Legacy Xbox handle designed by him to commemorate the movie “Super Slam Dunk” of the same name.
The new handle will be booked on the PS official website later this year, and the price is not determined.