Steam opens the free trial of Battlefield 2042 until March 16

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PC Steam players can now try Battlefield 2042. This FPS game of EA and DICE is being played for free in Steam until March 16. Now players will have the opportunity to experience the “critical moment” of the fourth season recently launched by Battlefield 2042 for free.
Although it made a disastrous debut, Battlefield 2042 has been greatly improved after massive updates and multiple seasons of repair, and even praised by foreign media PC Gamer, “Battlefield 2042 is really good now.”
Incidentally, if players like Battlefield 2024 during the trial and are ready to play further, they can start Battlefield 2042 at a 70% discount during the free play.
Steam blog:
Play Battlefield 2042 at no extra cost: free until March 16
“Are you ready to participate in the war? Steam players can play” Battlefield 2042 “for free from March 13 to 16, form a team and join the battle!
Seize the opportunity to experience all kinds of crazy fighting, exciting maps, high-tech weapons, powerful vehicles and unique expert soldiers in the game. Battlefield 2042 has come a long way since its launch. The fourth season: the game experience at critical moments is better and more substantial than ever before.