The city of the Tang Dynasty is on fire. How long can the “city of the night” be lit?

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Without its own local cultural code, tourist attractions may lose their appeal and be eliminated in a few years.
It is no surprise that Xi’an Datang Night City has once again become the “top stream” during the Spring Festival this year. No matter in reality, or on the news report and short video platform, the “online celebrity” Tang Never Night City is still one of the most frequent scenic spots.
With the continuous popularity of the Tang Never Night City, various themed “Never Night City” similar to the model of the Tang Never Night City have emerged in many parts of the country in recent years. After sorting out, the reporter found that most of these cities were built in second-tier and third-tier cities, and the vast majority of them did not collect tickets and made profits by renting stalls, while the projects in the “city” were mainly snack food, light shows, sculpture groups, performance art performances, etc. One of the representative performances of the Tang Never Night City, “Little Sister of the tumbler”, was also frequently copied by these later cities.
Many netizens have put forward their own views in the face of the “Never Night City” scenic spot that has sprung up in many places. Does the imitation of the Tang Never Night City constitute infringement? Will homogenized scenic spots cause everyone’s aesthetic fatigue? Can the “Night City” built in second-tier and third-tier cities attract tourists for a long time like the Tang Night City?
Xi’an Datang Never Nights City continues to be a hot tourist: knowing that there are many people still need to punch in
The reporter learned that in June 2018, the section of the Great Tang Never Night City, which was originally able to drive motor vehicles, was completely changed into a pedestrian street. When night falls, performance arts such as “the tumbler”, “the stone man” and “the lady of the Tang Dynasty” begin to be staged, attracting a large number of tourists. At the same time, with the spread of various short video platforms, Datang Never Night City has become a popular online card punching place in Xi’an in recent years.
“Before coming to Datang Never Night City, we prepared for a large number of people. When lovers and children usually swipe short videos, they always see Datang Never Night City and always say they will come, but after arriving, we found that the number of tourists here is far beyond my imagination.” This Spring Festival, Mr. Yang of Lanzhou took his wife and two children to Xi’an for a self-drive tour, and the important stop is Datang Never Night City. Although it was not a particularly perfect travel experience because of some crowding, Mr. Yang said that the lights and performances of the Tang Never Night City really left a deep impression on him and his family.
In many places, the “Never Night City” opens its doors to greet guests. “Little sister of the tumbler” frequently “reprints”
With the success of Xi’an Datang Never Sleeping City, many places also began to learn from this successful case. Some places have directly turned this learning into practical actions.
After sorting out, the reporter found that many places have directly “built their own” city without night “by taking Xi’an Datang City without night as a template”. For example, Qingzhou Never Night City in Shandong Province, Mulan Never Night City in Hubei Province, Tonghua Northeast Never Night City in Jilin Province, Maanshan Yangtze River Never Night City in Anhui Province, Tai’an Great Song Never Night City in Shandong Province, etc. The themes of these cities are different, but most of them rely on a historical and cultural theme, focusing on street performances, street food, night view tours and other concepts, and have many similarities with the Tang City.
Take Maanshan Yangtze River Night City as an example. The scenic spot was officially opened during the New Year’s Day this year. According to its official website, the Yangtze River Never Nights City is located in the Daxitang area on the east side of Caishi Ancient Town in Ma’anshan City, standing on the bank of the Yangtze River and adjacent to Caishiji Ecological Tourism Zone. The total planned area of the project is about 130 mu. It is a characteristic cultural tourism IP project that Ma’anshan City focuses on cultivating. It is jointly developed and constructed by a cultural investment company in Beijing and a cultural tourism and health group in Anhui Province.
The staff of the scenic spot told the reporter on the 27th that during the Spring Festival, there are more people in the Yangtze River City all night long. Especially after the lights are lit at night, more tourists will come to take photos and punch in. According to the data released on the 26th by the official Qingzhou No-night City, Shandong Province, during the Spring Festival, Qingzhou No-night City continued to be full, with a maximum passenger flow of 50000 people on the fifth day of the New Year. Ranked first in the hot sales list, second in the collection list and third in the popularity list of Weifang scenic spots on a short video platform.
The reporter found that at present, most of the scenic spots in China do not charge fees. “We hope to attract tourists through the scenic spots, and then the scenic spots will charge rent from the merchants here to make profits.” Mulan Nightless City in Hubei Province also just opened in January this year. A staff member of the scenic spot said that the scenic spot spent 150 million yuan to build, which is based on the story of Mulan to build the main story, You can experience the folk customs of the Northern Wei Dynasty by visiting here.
According to the China Youth Network, in September last year, before the official opening of the Yangtze River Never Night City in Ma’anshan, an investment promotion conference was held. On the same day, more than 380 merchants signed cooperation agreements on the spot, collecting a total of more than 1.9 million yuan of intended deposit. The shadow of the Tang Dynasty City of Xi’an can be seen in most of the “City of the Night” around the world. In Qingzhou, Shandong Province, Mulan, Hubei Province, Tonghua, and Tai’an, there are similar performances of the “little sister of the tumbler” in Xi’an.
The city of the Tang Dynasty never sleeps: Xi’an is an ancient capital with cultural heritage and will not be surpassed
The staff of Xi’an Qujiang Datang Never Night City Cultural and Commercial Co., Ltd. told the reporter that there are many imitations of the Never Night City, including the Great Song Never Night City. But Xi’an is different from other places. Xi’an is an ancient capital with cultural heritage, and other imitations will not exceed.
A staff member of Xi’an Datang Never Night City told the reporter on the 27th that the word “Never Night City” itself is not exclusive to the Datang Never Night City, and that each region will build its own “Never Night City” scenic spot in combination with its own history and culture, which will not affect the operation of Xi’an Datang Never Night City, and there are no disputes over infringement and other issues at present.
Another staff member of Datang Never Night City told the reporter that the reason why Datang Never Night City has been popular for many years is that they are constantly updating their performance items and installation settings.