The creative director of “Hongxia Island” explains why the game does not use the Fiction 5 engine, with a process time of about 20 hours

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Recently, Harvey Smith, the creative director of “Hongxia Island”, explained in an interview with Wccftech why the game was not produced using the Fantasy 5 engine. The release of the original Fantasy 5 engine did not coincide with the development time of “Hongxia Island”, and Fantasy 5 was released in the middle of the game’s development.
He said, “In the middle of the project, Epic announced Virtual Engine 5, but the game was based on Virtual Engine 4.26. If we had more time, we might choose Virtual Engine 5, but upgrading to 4.26 would also require a lot of work.”
Game development is often very challenging. Although Epic Games does its best to make the transition from Virtual Engine 4 to Virtual Engine 5 as easy as possible, making decisions to change the engine during the development process still requires considerable time and effort.
Also in this interview, Harvey Smith revealed that the maximum level of the game is 40 levels, and the game process is within 20 hours. However, for many players, it may take more time, especially if you are doing safe houses, nests, and exploring the entire world. He also revealed that the game without micro trading would be the most supported game by Arkane.
“Hongxia Island” will be released on May 2 and will be launched on XSX/S and PC platforms, with the first launch joining XGP. Coming soon.