The customs clearance time of Death Island 2 is about 20 hours

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Now, many open world games are filled with a lot of content and tasks by developers, in order to let players spend more time in the game. Recently, Dambuster Studios, the developer of “Death Island 2”, revealed that the customs clearance time of this work is about 20 hours.
The above news comes from the design director of Dambuster Studios’ “Death Island 2”. He revealed that the development team estimated that the time for customs clearance of “Death Island 2” was 20 hours. Although this time was not the perfect time for customs clearance, it also included a series of branch tasks.
It seems that the duration of “Death Island 2” has shrunk compared with other open world games, but the design director also said that “Death Island 2” is very replayable. For example, the game has six protagonists to choose from, and the director also said that after players pass the customs, they can still get more content from “Death Island 2”.
“Death Island 2” will be launched on April 21, landing on PC, PS and Xbox.