The details of the first major content update of “The Rise of the Night Clan” will be released in May

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The vampire survival action game “The Rise of the Night Clan” released the 18th issue of the developer’s latest situation today, introducing the first major content update of the game, “Secrets of Gloomrot” (launched in May), and more update plans after that.
The first content update “Secrets of Gloomrot” of “Rise of the Night People” will be launched in May. Gloomrot is a new exploration site. It is a land full of filth, ambition, brilliance and madness. The area of the new biological community is about the same as that of Dunley Farm. It is divided into two special areas: the south Gloomrot and the north Gloomrot. Each area has new challenges, new technologies and new enemies, large and small, as well as enough space for you to build and expand multi-storey castles.
In addition, this update is also a comprehensive update of the game as a whole. Various new functions promised by the developers will be implemented in this update, including: new weapons, new magic school, jewelry system, etc.
Finally, developers said that “Secrets of Gloomrot” would be the first of their three planned content updates. The second planned content update might be the full version of the game. According to previous developers, the full version of the game would be launched in 2024.