The free update of “Wild Heart” will be available in March: more beasts are coming!

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The official push of “Wild Heart” announced that the game will welcome many free updates such as new beasts in March. Please look forward! The official also released the silhouette of the new wild animals. Let’s have a look. ​​​
“Wild Heart” is a unique hunting game. You can use excellent technology to fight against the terrible beasts with strong natural forces. You can hunt alone or fight with friends.
Synopsis: No one can remember why the monster began its atrocities in the once prosperous country of the East. Driven by despair, they exert the primitive power of nature to the utmost, and no one can match them. Until the emergence of a hunter who armed himself with lethal weapons and ancient technology known as dexterity, it gave people hope to turn the situation around.
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At present, the evaluation of the “Wild Heart” Steam platform is mixed. The player’s favorable rate is 47%. The price of the national standard version is 298 yuan, and that of the smart version is 418 yuan. Interested players can learn about it.