The global launch time of “Inner Echo” of the third season of “Halo: Infinite” was announced

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“Echoes Within” in the third season of “Halo: Infinite” will be the biggest update to the game so far, according to the developer 343i. Currently, officials have announced the specific launch time of the new season in various regions on Twitter.
The third season will be launched at 11am Pacific time on March 7th. Beijing/Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan time is 3 am on March 8th.
The “Inner Recall” update will include three new maps, including “Chasm” and “Cliffhanger” for arena mode, and “Oasis” for large team combat mode. In the update, the “Armament Race” mode of the “Halo” version will also return, known as “Evolutionary Killer”. In this mode, players will use the same weapons, and each time they complete a kill, they will receive a weapon upgrade. The player who first reaches the level and obtains the final kill wins.
In the third season, a special item called “Shroud Screen” was added to make players standing in the area invisible after use. A weapon called Bandit Rifle will also be added to the game this season.