The identity of the new mythical beast in Baokemeng Zhuzi is hot! There is a bug in the patch that is not updated

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Baoke Dream Purple finally ushered in an update and fixed many bugs and errors. However, we all know that there will be new bugs after repair. Some players have discovered the major bugs of Baoke Dream Purple!
Since Nintendo does not force players to update, nor does it set version restrictions for the Taijing group war activities, so players who do not download the 1.2.0 update can also join the Taijing group war activities. However, in the Taijing group war will not see the new Baokemeng “rippling water” and “iron leaf”. After the battle is successful, players can actually capture the non-existent Baokemeng and obtain a Baokemeng egg, This Baokemeng egg can never be hatched or released, and will permanently occupy the inventory space.
Developers have realized the problem. Now, if they forget not to update the game to the latest version, they can no longer participate in the team war of Taijing. It is expected that there will be patches to fix it in the future.
At the latest face to face meeting of Baokemeng, Nintendo officially announced the DLC “Secret of Zero” of Baokemeng Zhuzi. In addition, two new mythical beasts, “Eclipan” and “Tai Le Bagos”, were announced together. Although there is little information about these two mythical beasts, after various analyses, the player still found some suspicious new information.
After comparing the game map and the shape of “Talebagos”, some Baokemeng players speculated that Talebagos might be the adventure area of “Baokemeng Purple”, Padia itself.
“Talebagos” is a crystal tortoise from the appearance, with 18 pieces of crystal fossils representing different attributes on its back, and its own attributes are still clear, but it is likely to use all 18 attributes.
The exterior design of Talebagos is almost the same as that of Pattia itself. He also shared a picture to support this idea. The design is so similar to the map, which is unlikely to be just a coincidence. It is very likely that “Talebagos” has some mysterious connection with Padia itself.
Considering that the crystallization is a characteristic attribute of the Parthian region, it seems that the ultimate source for Baokemeng to obtain this special attribute is Talebagos. So does it mean that “Talebagos” actually represents the consciousness of the whole world of Padia.
What is the answer? Maybe only after DLC is released can we get the answer.