The Mirror of the Sky in Beijing’s Sixth Ring Road, a free super ice rink, has the loneliest ice house

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The temperature in Beijing has dropped to below zero, and the lake has frozen into ice. There is a place where you can stay away from the crowd and start an ultra-low density skating trip. In the south sixth ring of Beijing, there are pure wild blue ice lake landscapes like movie blockbusters, beautiful ice-covered mirrors of the sky, lonely ice-covered wooden houses, and forests frozen in the middle of the blue lake, which have become a winter ice-covered wonder.
The ice surface is flat and open, and is composed of three lakes, with a large area. Under the reflection of the sky, there are old trees with magical flavor. The sense of art is not only from the most real life, but also to find the beautiful mark.
The crystal ice seems to be telling the world the ultimate winter charm of Beijing. Under the sun, it is bright and clear. The deep ice cracks under the ice are crisscross, and the crystal clear blue is like an amazing dream. A string of lovely bubbles are frozen in the lake, large and small, like stars. The crisscross paths under the ice are quite spectacular.
This is the Beizang Village Country Park in Daxing District, a place without tickets and with some wilderness style. Because on the emerald blue ice, a lonely ice house with its own oil painting and visual sense has become popular on the Internet. The park is very close to the urban area, the ice surface is very open, and tourists are scarce. You can take pets to play, you can drill ice and fish, and you can also use ice skates to gallop around the world.
There is a small parking lot opposite the gate of the park, but there are not many parking spaces. After passing through the entrance, walk down the cement road in the vertical direction of the dam. After seeing a white RV, turn left and continue to move forward. Go to the first small intersection, turn right, find the gap in the guardrail on the hillside, and descend to the ice surface of the Yongding River. In the distance, the center of the lake is a lonely ice house. Several tall trees next to it are very picturesque and suitable for taking pictures. There is also a spectacular frozen forest nearby. Like the blue ice lake in the Erhai Lake, the dead vines, old trees and crows present the unique limited romance in winter, which condenses the lonely ice house and the frozen forest. It is amazing.
There is a lonely ice house hidden in the snow and ice forest. Maybe the river water in the flood season overflowed into the depression. Before it could retreat, it froze into an ice mouth, creating an extraordinary scene. The dry trees grow on the ice, the tall street lamp poles are neatly arranged in the blue ice, and the small bungalows with three rooms wide are also frozen under the window by the ice. In the middle, time is still, and there is a strong sense of the end complex. The ice shuttles through the woods, the reeds are covered with golden light under the sunset, and the wooden house floating on the ice with stories.
[Name of the scenic spot] Beizang Village Country Park
[Detailed address] Intersection of Zuodi Road and Qingfeng Road, Beizangcun Town, Daxing District, Beijing
[Ticket price] Free