The new 14-minute demo of Death Island 2 was released

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Deep Silver released a new 14-minute demo of “Death Island 2” in Beier, Los Angeles, USA, at the beginning of the game, showing one of the six operable characters in the game: Dany Dani. Dany is very suitable for agile combat. Her task is to arrive at Halperin Hotel.
Deep Silver said: “Armed with massive weapons, each weapon has its own unique and cruel fighting style and endless upgrading opportunities. Dani Dani will encounter ordinary zombies (walkers, walkers, runners), variant zombies (grenade walkers) and Apex zombies (super variant zombies). All zombies have their own abilities and behaviors.
Players will also see how to use the curve ball and combine powerful skill cards to enhance their abilities and help Dani cut down enemies at the beginning of the game according to their own game style.
As an infected but immune butcher, the player will eventually witness his own activation of his damaged DNA and trigger the frenzy mode. ”
“Death Island 2” is scheduled to be released on April 21, landing on PC and new and old hosts, and PC is exclusively owned by Epic platform.
Video screen: