The new game “Inchanted” will be released soon: the tabletop version of Ranch Tale, a magical adventure

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The casual simulation game “Inchanted” will be launched in Steam on March 28, and its cartoon image and easy playing method are dazzling.
In the game, players need to run a magic hotel with their partners. The evil wizard landlord wants to steal this hotel, which has been handed down from generation to generation, and you will cooperate with friends to win back the inheritance. Players can manage hotels, dispense medicine, fish, cook and fight in the game, and enjoy a fascinating magical adventure, which can be regarded as a condensed version of the pasture tale.
As a desktop leisure game, “Inchanted” supports single-player play and cooperation mode of 1-4 players. In single-player mode, you can delegate tasks to AI partners.
The game has prominent RPG elements, and can make various props. In addition to cooking food, it can also brew potions, fish, and raise animals. Players can upgrade their hotels, customize decoration and layout, and complete various task challenges.
Inchanted is the first work of Australian independent studio DragonBear, originally called Chaos Tavern. Many fantasy elements of the game are inspired by local Australian legends. Wombags, cockatoos and other Australian characteristic animals also appear in succession.
“Inchanted” is scheduled to be released in Steam on March 28. Now, you can enjoy a 15% discount on pre-order. The discount price is about 93 yuan.