The release update of Unmanned Deep Space fixes a lot of errors but still has problems

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Yesterday (March 8), Unmanned Deep Space released a version 4.13 update that resolved many issues related to crashes, performance, and VR functionality. However, after the release of the 4.13 patch, players reported serious issues such as startup crashes. Players can view the complete updated content on the Steam page.
At the beginning of its release, “Deep Space Unmanned Zone” encountered many negative reviews, but since then, with numerous major updates, it has left a deep impression on players. Last month, Unmanned Deep Space released a Fractal version update, introducing a number of visual upgrades, quality of life features, and significant improvements to VR gaming. But there are also many problems. The 4.13 update addresses many key issues, but gamers on Reddit and Steam forums have been reporting crashes and other errors since the update.
Hello Games may need to do more work to resolve issues caused by Fractal updates. Although this patch has fixed more than 40 errors, last week’s Unmanned Deep Space 4.12 patch also resolved a significant number of crashes and performance issues. Based on relentless updates and fixes over the past few years, gamers may expect to fix the most serious issues in future updates. After the last Waypoint update, Unmanned Deep Space released about 6 important patches, which is a very reliable example of the development team’s efforts to resolve bugs.
It is difficult to predict what the future updates of unmanned deep space will be like, because every large-scale update seems to contain a lot of unexpected content. For players who can run the game smoothly without any major issues, the current state of the game should provide a large amount of space exploration content to spend the expected release date of Starry Sky.