The sales volume of “Master” has exceeded 2 million sets, and the sales volume has exceeded 50 million

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Kepler Interactive announced that the action game “Master” has exceeded 2 million sales, with sales exceeding $50 million. This has also made this game a milestone in the company’s operation of the game. Currently, “Master” will also be launched on Steam and Xbox on March 28, and I believe that sales will reach a higher level.
Kepler Interactive also announced the establishment of new partners in 2023 and beyond, including the Singapore studio The Gentlebros and Sandfall in Montpellier.
In addition to upcoming landings on the STEAM, Xbox One, and XSX/S platforms, Master has also released a new update, “Arenas,” which includes five new modes, nine new locations, 45 challenges, and an additional gaming experience of up to 10 hours.