The secret resort in the deep mountains of northern Guizhou: Wujiang Stronghold! Scenery is like landscape poetry, romantic, beautiful and warm

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Mountain Park Province, colorful Guizhou style. When it comes to the landscape of Guizhou, the green mountains are quiet, the clear water is far away, and the blue and green run through Guizhou. A look up, a look back, and a view into the eye can make people feel relaxed and happy. Tired of worldly disturbances, you might as well come to the mountains in northern Guizhou. The romantic and beautiful Wujiang Stronghold will cure you.
The beautiful Wujiang Stronghold is located near Shangji Town, Bozhou District, Zunyi City, Guizhou Province. The quiet Wujiang River water connects the stilted buildings on both sides, and the small canopies flow along the water with the wind, adding a bit of landscape poetry to the Wujiang Stronghold. There is a warm national flavor here, singing folk songs, dancing bamboo pole dance, opera performances… There are also rich and colorful experience activities, such as batik, ancient paper study of vegetation painting, making lanterns, cooking tea in a fire, bamboo rafting, drone performance, bonfire party, etc.
Starting from Zunyi Station, it only takes about an hour by car to meet the picturesque Wujiang Village. Before arriving, you can vaguely see the beautiful “beauty” of Wujiang Stronghold from a high place, which makes people exclaim. Cars travel in the mountains and people travel in the paintings.
There is a kind of romance called me waiting for you in Wujiang Stronghold
The beauty of Wujiang Stronghold cannot be separated from mountains and water. The river flows through the stronghold, which nurtures the people here and makes the land beautiful because of it. Most houses and buildings in Wujiang Village are built on both sides of the Wujiang River, and the mountains are progressing from bottom to top. The houses along the river are mostly wooden houses in northern Guizhou with cornices and corners, and the stilted buildings towering above the rocks are magnificent. The river flowing through the stockaded village is shining like emerald, which makes people feel happy and want to find out.
In the morning, clouds and mists floated above the water surface of the Wujiang River. Take a boat at the dock. The boat breaks through the quiet water, ripples through layers of clouds, and the boat is also hidden in the landscape, as if it had become a painting. Traveling on the river and enjoying the rich and nutritious Wujiangzhai characteristic breakfast on the boat have greatly satisfied the vision and taste.
With the passage of time, under the azure blue sky, the warm sun shines brightly. The Wujiang Stronghold, which was originally like the dark color, also looks more bright and moving under the golden sun. There are black and brown wooden houses in northern Guizhou on both banks of the river, like two dragons lying on their backs between the mountains and rivers. The water of Wujiang River flowing quietly is like a smart and shining green belt. The green river water and the dark brown wooden house are just a beautiful picture.
If we say that the Wujiang Stronghold in the daytime is a peaceful and faraway ink painting scroll, giving people a gentle and tender feeling. The Wujiang Village in the night is a colorful romantic watercolor painting, which gives people more surprise and warmth. The lights of thousands of families are reflected in the river, full of human fireworks.
There is a kind of happiness called “pet” of Wujiang Stronghold
Walk through the streets of Wujiang Stronghold after stepping on the bluestone slab. You will find interesting places. You won’t feel bored when you come here for vacation. From day to night, there are many special performances in the whole time to show you the multi-ethnic culture of Wujiang Village. In the depths of the streets, there are also small shops with intangible cultural heritage, which can take you to experience the colorful time of the spiritual and cultural world.
Facing the warm sun, I sat by the window in the cabin, cooked tea by the stove, and had a good chat with my friends. Have a cup of hot tea and enjoy the poetic scenery of Wujiang Stronghold. Watching the boats coming and going outside the window makes this tranquil ancient town more flexible.
Step up and come to the peaceful dyeing workshop in Wujiang Stronghold, which is especially artistic. You can see all kinds of fabrics and dyeing processes here, and exquisite textiles are displayed in the store for tourists to choose and buy. In the workshop, there is a demonstration of the process of batik in northern Guizhou. If you want to understand the charm of batik, you can also make batik yourself.
Herbal paper is the paper produced by the oldest manual paper making method in China, which was once sought after and loved by people. In Wujiang Village, the traditional ancient paper craft of painting with plants on paper is refreshing. Everyone’s mind, more or less, will have the idea of flying in the sky. Interpret the inner feelings, take the flowers and plants in the nature as the medium, and describe the beautiful things in the heart.
On the Wujiang River in the daytime, there are also wonderful “bamboo rafting” performances. This is the list of intangible cultural heritage in Guizhou, and also a folk stunt in northern Guizhou. It is very wonderful and can’t be missed. On a common bamboo pole, classical dance can also be displayed, which is amazing.
The night was low and the lights were on. At night, the lights in Wujiang Stronghold are dim, which is more moving. Around Huilong Island Square, you can enjoy Wujiang Star Music and Water Dance Show. In the center of the Wujiang River, there is a music fountain that opens a colorful carnival every day. With the ups and downs of the music rhythm, the fountain also “beats” to respond to the rhythm.
If you ask, how much will Wujiang Stronghold “spoil” romance? I don’t want to talk. I just want to show you a UAV performance in Wujiang Stronghold, and you will know how happy it is to be “spoiled” by the scenic spot. When drones slowly take off on the terraces and change colors under the twinkling of stars, they form butterflies spreading their wings, Miao girls, canopies, and so on, which are dazzling. Then there is the most romantic Kongming Lantern, which slowly climbed into the sky in the wind. You can look up here and see the picture you have imagined thousands of times in your mind.
There is a kind of comfort called “house” entering the twilight mountain hotel
“Little hidden in the wild”, tired of the noise of the city, came to the mountains in northern Guizhou to get close to this beautiful landscape. Its name is derived from Bai Juyi’s poem about Wujiang Gorge, “The foot of Wushan is wet with flowers and rain at dusk, and the water of Longshui is windy in spring”. The Dushan Hotel is located on the mountainside. You can overlook the poetic and picturesque scenery of Wujiang Village when you check in.
Combined with the traditional architecture of Wujiangzhai, the simple and atmospheric hotel environment makes people feel comfortable. Each room is carefully arranged, and lies in a soft big bed to fade the tiredness of the journey. I like the time in the Zhamu Mountain Hotel, because I can sit by the window, open the screen, and see the sky of Wujiang Village, or look through the window to see the white jade Huilong Tower on the top of the mountain, and there is scenery to see. Look at the mountains and waste time.
There is a kind of satisfaction called eating in Wujiang Stronghold
It has long been heard that Guizhou is a paradise of delicious food. The Wujiang Village in Zunyi, where Sichuan and Guizhou cultures blend, makes the food here more colorful. There are not only mutton powder, Wujiang tofu, potato baba, Wuda, rice peel, etc., which are unique to Guizhou, but also Sichuan creative hot pot and Chinese food suitable for family gatherings.
Come to Guizhou, of course, to eat lipstick sour soup! In the Gudong Hot Pot shop in Wujiang Village, I ate a hot pot with spicy pot and Guizhou red sour soup. The taste pleasure brought by the two kinds of pot bottoms is beyond words. In addition, this store is located in a superior position, which can not only see the “autumn sun” wonders of Wujiang Stronghold, but also have a panoramic view of the scenery of Huilong Island.
Wujiang Stronghold is the poem and distance that the world has been seeking for a long time. It is hidden in the deep mountains of northern Guizhou, with beautiful scenery, delicious food, beautiful scenery and beautiful residence. It is really an exciting romantic resort.
Practical strategy
1。 admission ticket:
09:00-16:00 Daytime ticket 80 yuan
16:00-21:00 Night tour ticket 120 yuan
2。 Transportation:
Self-driving: navigate to Wujiangzhai East Gate parking lot, about 1.5 hours
High-speed railway: get off at Zunyi Station/Zunyi South Station, take a taxi to Wujiangzhai, about 1 hour
Bus: get off in Zunyi, take a taxi to Wujiangzhai, about 1 hour