The six-day route of Daocheng Yading in western Sichuan suitable for winter travel

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Is there a self-driving route suitable for winter travel? Try this six-day route from Daocheng to Aden in winter in western Sichuan. Cross the Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in western Sichuan along the National Highway 318, and see the snow mountains everywhere in western Sichuan in winter. In six days, the whole trip is 1500 kilometers.
The winter scenery in western Sichuan is one of the best in China. The golden grassland is everywhere, and the primeval forest is yellow as a whole, but it will not wither. The snow on the snow mountain becomes thicker, the snow line becomes lower, and the glaciers and lakes are interspersed. The overall natural landscape is more layered, suitable for family self-driving trips.
Day 1: Chengdu – Ya’an – Kangding
Starting from Chengdu on the first day, go westward along National Highway 318, pass Ya’an, Tianquan and Luding, and arrive at Kangding. Bifeng Gorge in Ya’an is a 5A scenic spot that is often neglected. It is green with green trees, green in all seasons, and high in oxygen content. The most worth seeing is the thousand-layer waterfall. The waterfall is about 100 meters high and 10 meters wide. The water of the waterfall falls into the thick forest halfway up the cliff, and then flows slowly down the mountainside along the thousand-layer rock. Countless silver threads form a huge silver curtain.
The next stop is Luding. After arriving at Luding, you can see the Luding Bridge on the Dadu River. Chinese people should come here to have a look, and all can feel this unique iron bridge of special significance, which is flying on the turbulent river, swinging and laying a solid foundation for the success of the revolution!
If you have enough time, you can go down the Dadu River to Moxi Ancient Town and rest for an extra day or two. The surrounding Hailuo Valley Glacier and Niubei Mountain are both good. The Hongshi Beach formed over hundreds of millions of years, and the 360-degree viewing platform of Niubei Mountain without dead angle, are all magnificent scenery in western Sichuan. Continue from Luding to Kangding for rest.
Day 2: Kangding – Moshi Park – Tagong Grassland – Yajiang
The next day, we set out from Kangding, temporarily left the main road 318, took the provincial road 434 to see the best scenery in this area, and then went south along the National Highway 248 to return to the main road 318. The first is Mugecuo. The scenic spot is mainly composed of plateau lakes, primitive forests, hot springs and snow peaks. There are more than 20 high-temperature fountains, and more than 30 high altitude Haizi have excellent scenery.
On the next road, before arriving at Tagong Town, we will pass through the Midvalley Hot Spring, Red Sea, Gethram Sky City and Qingraoshan Mountain in turn, and we can choose to stay at the scenic spots we like. The Dagong Temple in Dagong Town is one of the largest temples in Ganzi and is worth visiting. Behind the Tagong Grassland in front of us is a protruding Yala Snow Mountain, which is quite shocking.
Continuing to the north is the most special landscape that you can see on this journey, the Ink Stone Park. It is grayish blue when dry and grayish black when wet. When I walked in, it was like opening the space cabin door and falling into a foreign planet. The gray rocks looked very beautiful.
Out of the Moshi Park, we go down the National Highway 248 to the south and join the National Highway 318 at Xindu Bridge. Although the scenery here is very beautiful, the altitude is too high to be suitable for overnight. Continue to go through the Gorsi Mountain and go to Yajiang County in the Yalong River valley for overnight.
Day 3: Yajiang – Eighteenth Turn of Tianlu – Litang – Hare Hill – Shangri-La Town
On the third day, round the 18th turn of the Tianlu Road to reach Litang, Ding Zhen’s hometown, and then cross the Hare Hill to the legendary Shangri-La town. When you come out of Yajiang River, you should first turn up the Jianziwan Mountain, which is also the famous Eighteenth Turn of Tianlu. After that, the elevation of the road will gradually rise, and you will pass several observation platforms to view the mountains in western Sichuan. You can stop at will. After arriving at Litang, the world’s high city, you can take photos at the place with 318 signs.
After a short stop, go south along National Highway 227 to Shangri-La Town, Daocheng County. When you arrive at Shangri La Town, you will have a good rest. On the the fourth day, you will enter Daocheng Yading Scenic Area to start a day of hiking, which requires sufficient physical strength and spirit.
The fourth day: Daocheng Yading (Luorong Cattle Farm, Milk Sea, Wuse Sea) – Daocheng County
When most people hear the poetic name of Daocheng Yading, they will mistakenly think that this is a paradise where they can walk freely, but the average altitude of 4000 meters and the five-hour plateau walk is a plateau challenge.
Walking between hell and heaven all the way, the body is in the state of hell, and the eyes are in heaven. The Five-Color Sea is like a piece of emerald, clear to the bottom, without any flaw. Standing around the Five-Color Sea, you will feel very close to the sky, and feel that heaven is within reach. It is beautiful!
Day 5: Daocheng County – Daocheng White Tower – Haizishan – Litang – Yajiang
On the fifth day, we will return to Yajiang from Daocheng County. First, the Longgu Black Sea, which was not appreciated when I came, was clear and beautiful. The surrounding area of the turquoise blue water color was a circle of milky white, and the surrounding area was clear and clear. With the strong wind blowing, the originally calm lake water also stirred up waves, flashing aquamarine luster from time to time.
Then there is the Haizishan Nature Reserve. In the wilderness on the west side of the highway, there are thousands of plateau Haizi, large and small. It is the most densely populated area of plateau Haizi in China. The natural ecological environment is superior, and every small lake is extremely clear and quiet. After arriving at Litang, you may feel a little rebellious and continue to go to Yajiang to rest.
Day 6: Yajiang – Xindu Bridge – Luding – Chengdu
The sixth day is the last day of the return trip. It is suggested to get up early and arrive at Xinduqiao at a higher altitude first. The yellow primeval forest is stained by the morning fog in winter, which is the most desired light and shadow of the photographer’s paradise. After climbing over many mountains and passing through Kangding and Luding, he finally returned to Chengdu, ending the six-day winter self-driving trip in western Sichuan.