The Son of the Forest is the first to experience IGN 8 points: learn the advantages of previous works

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Game name: The Son of the Forest
Platform: PC
Game type: action terror survival game
Developer: Endnight Games Ltd
Publisher: Newnight
The horror survival game “Son of the Forest” was launched in the form of preemptive experience on the Steam platform recently, and IGN scored 8 points for this game.
Brief comments:
Even in the preemptive experience, “Son of the Forest” is already a powerful survival game sequel, which absorbs the advantages of “Forest” and does better.
Score: 8 points excellent
General comments:
The Son of the Forest has absorbed the advantages of the previous work and has done better. Considering how much I like the original work, I can easily recommend this powerful sequel. Exploring a huge, beautiful and deadly island in the changing seasons is a kind of enjoyment in itself. The new base construction system can make me happy for several days without touching the main story. The most important thing is that we have smarter and more disturbing enemies; A deliberate and improved battle. It’s already great, and it’s just a preemptive experience. Optimize the game and improve the hasty outcome. It may become very surprising.